MT-6 Replacement

My MT-6 died.“impact drop” anyone know of a small zircon product that works as well?
I am not looking for the MT-6 .I have a shot load of experience with them & I want a smaller device that works. Item does not need to be a Zircon anything JUST NOT THE MT-6. Thanks in advance.

A good friend told me he uses a pinpoint metal dector like they use for finding “treasure” small stuff in piles of dirt they scoop up once their big scanner pings. The only ones I have found are expensive.

Please only suggest items you HAVE used and do WORK :). I already have enough maybes :slight_smile:

I have heard of a few that like this one…
MetalliScanner M40 Metal Locator

Thanks roy I may end up trying it. The price is right.


I have the M40 as a spare. It works alright but still like MT-6

Thanks keep em comming. What do you like better about the MT-6 BEAST

Just use a sharpie

Then I will have to say Beep at the necessary intervals to feel accurate :frowning:

Joking aside Brad the Mt-6 I had just exploded on impact and the area that does the scanning is an very small amount of copper wire and plastic stops the wire may or may not wrap.

Seeing it from this position," Busted Open" I am certain there is a much more accurate device for less money out there somewhere. We are not talking very deep wood EVER and technology has come quite some distance since it came upon the field.

Most likely the pin point type used for treasure hunting are more precise than that decade old device…

The M40 seems to pick up metal in all directions where the MT-6 seems to be more focused. I have had 2 MT-6 scanners die and all I did was call Zircon and sent in the old one and they sent me a new one for free. Whole process took about 10 days. They were great. I would use the M40 in the meantime.

Bosch…inexpensive and very good.

Marvin are you currently using one and if you think it is as “good” as the MT-6 would you mind telling me the model number.

Heck there may be sales today :slight_smile:

I agree…it is just about as accurate as an MT-6 in determining nail type…

dmd4k +/- $35.

Thanks Marvin and all. Keep the ideas comming of what you thing is smaller and as good or better than the Horrific MT-6. Thanks in advance.

Anyone else have any GREAT ideas? I despise the MT-6

Seriously, why do you bother?

By your own admission:

You hate Florida
You hate home inspections
You hate legally required written reports.
You hate real estate agents
You hate wind mitigation
You hate 4 point inspections
You hate your clients (so it seems by your constant negative posts)

And now you hate the tools necessary to your job?

Find a new path, and Godspeed…


You could try the Bosch mike but skip the M40. It’s worthless for inspections.

Because my past lucrative career has become obsolete. The MT-6 is an outdated piece of s h i t that has NEVER been worth a ****.

I only do what I do for the money. I should and would have been retired by now if I would have had 5 more goods years.

Inspectors get NO RESPECT. Consultants do :slight_smile: Advertising is beyond belief and GOOGLE ADWORDS is a bunch of c r a p. I deal with lowlifes who only care about the lowest price most of the time. Licensing has totally F u c k e d UP what was once lucrative and made piss ants equal to those of us with real experience.

Only reason I am still around is because I have a Daughter that needs me.

You are all you will ever be and content. I have lost all I was and most of what I had. Those who say money does not make you happy either never had any or have all they need.

I carry a m40 as a back up, I’ve been known to leave my mt6 in an attic and not realize it until I’m at the next inspection. The m40 is decent but is finicky in my opinion. I have a 2x4 I keep with nails driven in it to test calibration an accuracy on my mt6 and the M40 generally picks up the nails. Mines off an inch or so past the nail but it’s consistent.

Consistency is all that really matters for use in a wind mit. Thanks for the “Range Report”.

Anyone use anything different like the typ of pinpoint metal detector used with hobbyist metal detectors???