Zircon MT 6 vs MT 7

I’m looking to get either the Zircon MT 6 or the MT 7 for wind mitigation inspections. Has anyone used the newer model? Besides the back lit, and the extension attachment, I don’t see much different in functions. Just wondering if anyone has used both or the newer models and had feedback.

I have used this for over a decade.

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I use the same one Mark does.
Or…just mark random lines on the wood with a marker…:slight_smile: <--------Extreme sarcasm not to be taken as true.

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I use the m40. This tool is being retired for the MT-7. MT-7 has much greater accuracy and will reduce inspection time.

A simple Google search will explain the difference. Top page link. “The main differences between the MT6 and the MT7 are the MT7 has a backlit screen making it easier to read in low light conditions . It also has 2 depth settings, Normal Scan which will find metal up to 3” deep and Deep Scan which will find metal up to 6" deep." Simple put, Accuracy, Greater depth. Display readability. The way I read it, a no brainer… The MT-7 is an updated MT-6. The MT-7 had hardware and software revocations and component updating.

As explained in my previous post, the M-40 I own is being retired. I am about to purchase the Zircon MT 7. I will donate my M40 to anyone willing to email me and pay for the shipping. If you live in or on the Island of Montreal, PM-Private Message me. I will deliver it to you myself and wish you all the best with your endeavors.

Good luck with your endeavors, Donald. Welcome to the InterNACHI community. Looking forward to reading your posts.