Mud on roof supports. Poor Ventilation?

Hello all! I am needing some assistance with the attached photos. During my inspection of an attic, I came across mud covering a good portion of the roof supports. I know this isnt mud daubers and it doesn’t appear to be termites either. I scaped some of the mud away and no damage was observed to the wood. I am leaning towards poor venting of the attic as there was a single turbine on the roof with no other means of venting. I guess my questions are… Has anyone else seen mud buildup inside an attic and can poor venting in a desert climate create mud from condensation and dirt?

Any chance that could be concrete? It is not uncommon in my area to find older houses with form boards built in.


During construction they repurposed those 2x as temporary support.

What were they holding up, do you have pictures showing larger area of roof’s framing?


That’s what it looks like from here. The second pic looks like it was a piece of dunnage used when the lumber yard delivered materials to the job site.


So sorry all that report was needing to be sent out and i forgot about this post. It was indeed soil not concrete. Here is a general view, I believe you are correct they are perlin supports. Thank you for the help. I ended up just stating what was there and not diving too deep into the cause.

I’m pretty sure it looked like that when they installed it, and it certainly has nothing to do with ventilation …


Right on, thank you for your input James.