Attic question

I have a question about a common occurancy that I see, but I am not sure of what it is.

The picture I took doesnt show the area very well.

It is usually a brownish orange color usually seen on the rafters or trusses.

Is this moisture that is drawn out of the wood? Any explaination would help me educate myself and my clients. The one truss I had seen today had like 1 inch drippings.

The house was poorly ventilated and lacked addiquate insulation.



Truss pic (Small).JPG

Tree sap?

It seems like sap. May be associated with extreme heat in space, ventilation?


In my experience if I run into an attic that does not contain a GOOD acceptacle level of ventilation I always call it out.

Soffit to Ridge Vents
Soffit to Gable Vents
Soffit to Power Roof Vents ( which I still dont like…the breakdown )

Anyway…regardless of acceptable allowances…if I don’t have a combination that ensures GOOD flow I report it…

But again…thats just me…As for the SAP…which it is probably because you can touch it and it gets hard…no leak just SAP from the wood…but again I can’t see that image real well.

I am just real big on making sure TRUE cross ventilation is present…sorry I dont think that was your question…but you know me by now…I ramble on.

I’ve never heard that about sap before…:cool:

lol…BAD MIND fella…OLD sap in some attics I have been into has been around so long…it gets hard and feels like AMBER…rock like…not sure why…yeah…and most is sticky…just seen both…

Guess it might not have been SAP…always a possible thought…Could be ECKTOPLASM…lol…But since I know I will be going in MORE…I will stick to the SAP theory…:slight_smile:

Hmmm…I re-read that statement and shame on me…I MEAN…you can touch it and it appears to be hard…not sticky with REAL old SAP…almost like it turns to AMBER or something…MAN I am glad I clarrified that…:wink:

Not too familiar with all species of wood, but do know, that spruce boards over the first few years with drying in the attic environment, bleeds and will harden up in globs and just lay there. If moisture is a relative problem at that time, it will stay soft and sticky for years.

Just an observance taken over the years. Non factual based.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My house.
Built in 1964.
Small beads of sap throughout the trusses in the attic.

Mine are douglas fir.
I would think any evergreen that’s not 100% dry when installed could see this condition eventually.

Cant imagine it’s solely because of inadequate ventilation.
Would think it more likely to be shrinkage of the wood squeezing out the sap.