mueller reports

Has anybody heard of mueller reports, they want me to do inspections for them ?? need info ? thanks RM
Home-Check of Georgia

It looks like they are an adjusting company that does investigation to help insurance underwriters. They are not looking for adjusters but people who can do investigative work on homes, both interior and exterior. They also do the same for commercial properties.

What i Need to know is do they pay ???, I hate to get caught into a situation like DDN ??? ANY ANSWERS thanks RM

So, how did that go? Is this company legitimate or should I stay away? I too am going to apply for a job as an inspector. The initial agreement I read seemed somewhat sketchy for some reason but I might just be paranoid.

I know it is late, but I am a Quality Assurance agent for this company and wanted to respond. This company is real, but you need to be self sufficient to be an inspector.

Training is all web based, there is a supervisor assigned for Field Representatives (FRs) but basically you do your best to generate an accurate diagram/report and learn on the fly.

It does pay well, usually our FRs spend about an hour or so on each report (including survey and report generation) and it pays around 20$+ per survey (these vary depending on exterior/interior and other factors). Mueller is based in a four story building in NY state but has field reps across the county, including Hawaii and Alaska so FRs do not have a central building they report to in order to do work.

It is a “work from home” opportunity, except that FRs need to be mobile and have a decent camera. I do believe Mueller supplies measuring wheels. Sometimes FRs have to make phone calls, set up appointments and even interview homeowners and will have to make corrections sent back by QA (people like me) periodically. There is a lot of information to be processed at first and it can be intimidating, but it gets easier as you gain experience.

Hope this helps, maybe we’ll see your name on a report soon!

**The fact they refer to their (inspectors) as FR’s… and “pay’s well” at $20 (read between the lines… high end is $20)… perform interviews and go back to make corrections “at your expense” (when they decide they want more info)… should be enough to send any half-sane person running as fast as they can from this company!!! **

Your right, I received a call not from the same company watch out for legal issues.

So just because we don’t use your jargon and refer to our field agents as Field Representatives or FR’s (perhaps the company higher ups refer to them as “Inspectors,” I don’t know) then we are not a real company?

I make a good living and work from home as a QA agent, (is that okay to refer to myself as QA or does that make what I do a joke too?). We even have medical, dental and retirement and I never have to leave my house (though not all QA agents can work from home - you need to be really good).



So your company doesn’t make you do corrections? If you go on-site and forget to take important photographs then “that’s okay?” FRs report all work via computer, so they can work from home as well after interviews and photgraphs are collected. They are submitted to someone like myself, we make corrections and complete, or send back to the FRs for clarification.

The unprofessional way that you jump to conclusions, “at your expense,” and then state it as fact is what people need to be wary of. Our FRs have the freedom to work around a real life (or whatever they want to do with their time). Would you rather offer appointments to a policyholder around your schedule, or be told you had to be somewhere at an appointment set by someone or else?



Our FRs should never have to go back to the site if they are even halfway competent; all required photos, interview questions and measurments etc are spelled out before they even pick up a phone to make an appointment. Even when they screw up we sometimes can push a case through if the missing photos are not too critical and depending on the client. We do hundreds of different companies and they all have different requirements. We work together as a team and do good work. Your above quote is yet another example of assumptions stated as fact, which is very dangerous and just takes away from the validity of your post.

Whether you believe it or not it really does not matter, this job is a blessing and so deserves to be defended. I answered a question that was left open, and now, I’m gong to spend some time with my family, something I do every day since I work from home.

I was contacted about doing some of these in Kentucky glad to see the different responses and information.

Hi! Just wanted to say, working for Mueller is what you make of it. We do work for underwriters in the insurance industry, different from home inspections for counties involving appraisals and the mortgage industry. At first it can be tough but as you get better your income will go up.

Some tips:

Don’t print anything at home but the first page for a survey. You will save a lot of money if you get the additional pages printed at a copier. Use mapping software to plan out your route. If you can do your surveys in as close to a circle as possible, you will save a lot of time and money.

Use a spreadhseet with your more common statements.  Cutting and pasting information you use often and changing a few details will make you much more efficient than typing the same thing out every time for different surveys.

QA gets judged by %s, and get an hourly rate.  They need to process large volumes so don't be surprised if they reject a lot for stupid details.  Some of us try and fix then send notes on how to improve.  Don't take it personally, it is just part of the business.  

I don’t care what business you are in, 99% of them are the same: You don’t hear from management unless you’ve done something wrong. It’s like that everywhere. If you really need help, post here, I check back occasionally and love to help others. I always make an attempt to send compliments to FRs on great jobs, but I think I am the only one (I always sign my notes with “~ QA”.) I whish it was different, but that is the truth.

Good luck and god bless!

now it is August 2013…I see last post on this topic was November 2012…they have a newspaper ad…$13 to $16 per hour…any employees out there with info about them?

How about Millennium?.. IPI? any info on them?

Let me ad to my earlier posts: Mueller is not a bad place to work for, but there is zero job security. Don’t count on it being there tomorrow, unless you’re very good buddies with management.

You **will **train yourself after their web course, however they pretty much leave you alone as long as you don’t have lots of errors, which is great once you know what you are doing, but be warned there is zero company loyalty to their employees.

Just thought I would update as it’s great for some extra cash but don’t be surprised if they suddenly tell you you’re no longer needed.

My experience:

I was told by my manager that I had one of the lowest error rates in the company (Mueller), have never been written up in almost 2 years of employment in the QA department, but 3 weeks before Christmas I was terminated, with no notice (not even a day) for “lack of work.”

What’s unbelievable is I was contacted by a Human Resources rep to let me know I was terminated. I called my Manager and Director and left voice messages but was completely ignored, no contact as well. I was very disappointed in the unprofessional way it was handled after almost 2 years with the company.

I was totally fooled, and want to put this out there so you all know exactly who you are getting involved with.

Good luck, God bless and happy holidays!