Multiple small holes in I Beam too close?

I know that you should have 2 X dia. in spacing. Would these be consider one rectangular hole group? Or should it be called out? Several beams in a row were like this.

Not in my opinion. It is rectangular, not square or round, and it is not in the allowed hole zone. I would describe what I see and share a link to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. JMHO

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Do you think a typical homeowner can read and understand such installation instructions :smiley: The “trades” folk can barely read, let alone a homeowner.


Thank you!

I don’t have my tape measure - but I’m not seeing the problem here.

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If the holes are near 1 1/2", they are very sloppy.


This is from GP manual:

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According to the link, If it were to be compared to a rectangle group, then it has to meet the requirements of what the rectangle would be. On the other hand this is what GP states:

Small holes not greater than 1.5" in diameter can be placed anywhere in the web, but each hole must be spaced a minimum horizontal clear distance of 2 times its diameter (but not less than 1") from any adjacent hole. No more than two small holes can be placed next to each other and/or adjacent to larger holes following the guidelines in this note. More than one group of small holes is permitted on a joist, but adjacent groups must be spaced a minimum horizontal clear distance of 12".

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