This just looks wrong

Comments please–

It looks like it may be short of at least 2" from the bottom of the holes to the bottom of the joist.

It does… just so many so close.

I don’t have the IRC handy here at the office, but I think the rule for holes requires the edge of any hole to be at least 2" from the edge of the framing member, and multiple holes need to be at least 1" of meat between them. They’re probably okay the 2" way, but they’re too close together. In my opinion, based on what I remember the IRC saying, each and every one of those joists has been ruined.

Pretty much each hole must be 2" from anything & nothing in the center 1/3:


Got to agree with Mark on this one. The structural strength is ruined.

I’ll agree with the others.

I did something similar to that once back in the first 6 months of being in the the trade. :shock:
Rest assured I never did it again! :cool:

Thanks to each of you… I really need the help on this one, this is a builder that also teaches code at the local college.
Hey Mike- what’s the source on the attached jpeg?

John, to be honest I really don’t remember for sure but I suspect it is from “InterNachi’s mini-course tip of the day” on the bottom of the home page. Also see 2003 IRC R502.8.1

I just found it in 2006- thanks very much. You have all been very helpful.

Where is it found in the 2006 IRC John?

Hey Larry,

When it comes to a builder making a stink and wanting a “quote” of where it is found it code, my response is “It’s not my job to educate builders in those things that they should already know. It’s my job to call things out as wrong. I have done that. If the builder would like for me to teach them, my fee starts at $99.00 per hour including all research, and presentation materials, with a minimum of 4 hours paid in advance…”

“So Mr. Builder, you want me to educate you in the actual code that you violated, then I will be happy to do that for you, just as soon as your check for $396.00 clears the bank.”

Good point Mark. I don’t like folks that intimadate. He put the big pants on me in front of the buyer and Realtor. He’ll look bad enough when my report is distributed-I’ll be very careful not to site code in my report. Still I’m prepared to supply documentation of the violations for an additional fee payable by any of the interested parties- I want to keep that seperate from the inspection. Like you said I report what is wrong anything else is extra and if it comes to litigation I don’t want to anything different than what I have done in the past.

Nice graphic to have.

Figure out the depth of the joist remaining above the holes. Now match this data against a joist span table that shows what size joist is needed to safely span that distance.

I will bet money that the two won’t match.

I hear backcharges coming out of someones pocket.

Good point Jim. Someone isn’t going to have a good day.

I was working in a house where the plumber’s drilled a 3" hole in the bottom chord of the trusses for a bundle of PEX to go almost end to end of the house. I tried to respectfully warn the plumber when I noticed what he was doing (he only had 2 done at the time). He looked at me like I was from Mars. Long story short, he drilled them all and the company he worked for (or maybe their insurance company) had to replace most of the trusses. The trusses with holes that were over a partition were allowed to remain with an engineered repair of some sort to the hole.

I really hate to hear that. :frowning:

I’d red flag this if I were inspecting. It’s just wrong.