Municipal water service piping

Would you consider this type of poly water pipe to be suitable for municipal water install? It appears to be a barb/insert fitting with clamp(s) which is usually thinner and/or lower PSI rating. The typical municipal poly service pipes I see are 200+ psi and CTS with compression type fittings. Any one have any helpful insight and/or documentation on this? Would you mention it? Vary by area and/or jurisdiction? House built in 1997.

Any help is always appreciated!!

I see it all the time up here…looks fine.

It’s Polyethylene. Very common, especially on well systems. I’ve never seen it extend inside the house, however. Usually connected to the distribution piping inside the crawl space.

What’s unusual is that there is no pressure regulator. Did you take a pressure reading?

See the 5th post down here. This is what I’m used to seeing. On well systems, yes this is typical, but not for municipal systems. When using poly, on municipal lines, the piping usually required is the thicker (200 psi) and it is also CTS (Copper Tube Size) which requires a compression fitting as noted above.

You’re right, I see that on well systems and copper or galvanized on municipal systems.

I have seen this before where this thinner poly pipe was used as a conduit, but this didn’t appear to be.

2006 IRC
P2904.4Water service pipe.Water service pipe shall conform
to NSF 61 and shall conform to one of the standards listed in
Table P2904.4. Water service pipe or tubing, installed underground
and outside of the structure, shall have **a minimum
working pressure rating of 160 pounds per square inch **at 73°F
(1103 kPa at 23°C). Where the water pressure exceeds 160
pounds per square inch (1103 kPa), piping material shall have a
rated working pressure equal to or greater than the highest
available pressure. Water service piping materials not
third-party certified for water distribution shall terminate at or
before the full open valve located at the entrance to the structure.
Ductile iron water service piping shall be cement mortar
lined in accordance with AWWA C104.