Murray Panel Questions

Hello, I have a murray panel here. Has a siemens logo below so I’m assuming post 2002.

It looks to me like the neutrals are not bonded to the grounding bus bar and GEC. This is a main panel it’s directly opposite the meter and only 1 other 2 breaker panel exists in the 1300 square foot home.

Can you find a bonding screw? I’m not seeing one that I can tell.

Also here is a video that may give better visibility

Looks like it is missing unless it was done somehow else:

Don’t see the round bond strap:

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Should be at this location if the bonding strap is installed, but that fat neutral is blocking the hole on the busbar for the strap to be inserted into. At 0:16-0.17 sec in the video you can see the hole in the panel body for the bonding screw.


That’s exactly what my thought was! Very strange! Never seen this before.

Happens a lot more often than it should, even on new builds.

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First time in two years I’ve seen it but it seems like 99% of subpanels are bonded even new lol

To me it looks like the bonding strap extends to the ground bus. This condition would bond the neutral bus if it’s indeed attached to it.

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It is not attached to the neutral bus bar

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I agree, bonding screw (MBJ) is missing and if that larger solid conductor is the GEC it must terminate on the neutral bar unless the MBJ is a wire or busbar.


It ought to be 100%.

If you look at the schematic drawing, it looks like the ground and neutral are connected? Also, The tag shows and explains how to bond the neutral bar.

It’s not pointing to anywhere like most legends. The original jumper is disconnected and I see no other screw or jumper. Do you?

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You know exactly what I meant. I know the EGC should connect to the subpanel itself.

The jumper was not in contact with neutral bus bar at all. The bottom and top of the neutral bus bars looked to be secured to the plastic only.