Murray panel bonding

I know this may be asking a bit much, but does anyone know where a Murray panel is bonded and/or where the bonding screw is located? House built in 2003, so it would be newer panel, obviously. The neurtral/ground strap connecting both sides had a screw hole location, but no screw installed. I would post pics, but they really show nothing.



Inside the panel enclosure.

You really can’t expect much more of an answer with the limited information you provided, can you?

Typically the location of the panel bond is shown on the label inside the panel enclosure.

There was a diagram, but no bonding screw location, which I thought was odd. Most of the panels I see do show where, like you said. This is the reason for my post. I was just wondering if anyone was familiar with Murray brand panels and where they are usually bonded at.

Do you have a model number for the panel?