Does Anyone See A Panel Bond Here?

This is a Cutler Hammer split bus panel. I couldn’t see a panel bond, and the sticker on the panel was not readable. I suspect it is one of the two screws at the bottom of the bus. Can anyone confirm?

This split bus panel has two lower sections each fed by a 60 amp breaker in the upper section. I have only seen this once before, and that was last week. I did see the double tapped neutrals.


Not at the terminal bar, but perhaps somewhere else. Many times there is a bonding lug attached to a conductor somewhere in the panel enclosure.


I am not sure I understand. The panel must be bonded to the Neutral bus, right? Are you saying that it is OK for the grounding electrode or one of the grounding conductors to pull “double duty” and act as the panel bond?

Yes, but I’m not sure your reference to “double duty” fits.

If a conductor passes through a bonding lug (which is attached to the panel enclosure), and continues to the grounding electrode, it accomplishes the required bond.

The bond can be made by several methods - screw, strap, conductor, etc.

The neutral seems insulated, has me curious, is there a bigger photo?


The grounded (neutral) must bond to the panel enclosure and the grounding electrode system at the main disconnect.

I think what he is asking is if the neutral is bonded to the enclosure and grounding electrode in this panel.

No from what I can see but I can’t see the entire inside of the panel so I can’t say for sure that they are not bonded.

Here are some more photos of the panel



I don’t see a bond in those pictures. . .

Then where is the hole for it in the buss bar.?

One of those screws in the Neutral/Ground bar may be a bonding screw----you would have to look at the panel diagram to see where it tells you to install the screw when needed.

This is a main lug panel which tells me there is a service disconnect elsewhere.

If there is a disconnect elsewhere then there should be an equipment grounding conductor installed and the equipment grounding conductors for the branch circuits and the grounded (neutral) conductors should be kept separate.

Mike, that appears to be another split bus panel, with the lowest double breaker on the left side feeding the lower part of the buses (conection is visible) I also cannot see a panel bond there, but as Jeff said it may be somewhat hidden.

Must be the morning for split buses.



I hope there is not a panel elsewhere because it appears the GEC’s come into this panel, It is indeed a split buss panel and another give away is the USE coming into it …either they ran USE into the interior of the dwelling and forgot it needs to have (4) conductors to the panel…or someone just went plain LOCO on the install…I would venture to say main panel, split buss design and SOMEWHERE in that picture bonding should take place…but my eyes wont allow me to see it…

I also white wires into the brakers and a groung and neutral wire under the same screw.

Yes you are right and a bond will be needed in this panel