Must have tools for HI


I am trying to compile a list of must have tools for home inspection.
I am not yet a HI but am going to be taking the AHIT distance and 7 day class in the next couple of months.
The information on this site has been great, there are many things discussed which is helping develop the proper mindset for HI.

I would like some ideas of what tools are a must have for any HI, as well as a other tools which are not necessary, but very handy and worth the investment.

I am hoping to complete this list so I can have a better understanding of the start-up cost for outfiting as an HI.

Thank you,

G. Koehl

as a “p.s.”-
Thermal Imagers- are they worth the money?
the prices are steep on these, the lowest price I have found so far is $2,600
Is Thermal Imaging the future movement in HI?

Can you see the posts on the old BB? Try this:

Thanks for the link-
this is exactly what I was looking for.

AHIT has some good package deals with tools,ladders,ect… Check them out. And you can pick them up at your class or they can be delivered to your house.

Before you jump on one of those great packages, research them. Sometimes the quality of the tools is not that great. Also price shop locally and on the net. For example, Little Giant ladders are around $250. I found a clone at Lowe’s for $149 and the local Walmart has the same ladder on sale for $109 right now. Don’t be afraid to check the manufacturer prices also. Extech, for example, sells their meters cheaper than their dealers.

Everybody will use a different assortment of tools. In my bag, a UltraStinger flashlight, a smaller LED flashlight, a telescoping mirror, my TIFF 8800, non-contact voltage sensor, outlet tester, 6-in-1 screwdriver, and a good pair of elbow and knee pads. Without these items, I couldn’t do the job as well as I would want to.

For anyone in my area (too big to ship), I have for sale:

28’ Werner Aluminum Extension Ladder with Self Leveler Legs;
19’ Werner Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Other Items that can be shipped:

1 - pr Cougar Paws (worn 1 time in house) - Size 9
1 - Robo Laser with remote control and w/Tripod (used twice)
1 - TIF 8800A w/case
1 - TIF 5000 Freon Leak Detector w/case
1 - Check-It #620 Digital Pyrometer & Thermometer
1 - Sperry Ampbrobe #DSA-7610A
1 - Sony TRV-615 Cam Corder (used to record seminars)
1 - Nadia Studio Mixer Recorder - Diamond Series (used w/cam)

(800) 474-8957 or (816) 455-8787

What’s up Dan? You’re too young to retire. Or, maybe you got in the business, got rich, and are ready to play in the sand with a sun bunny. Inquiring minds want to know.

Got lots of extras of many things. Some I’ve used once or twice and decided I liked something else better. Like the TIFF 8800 - tried it - too much trouble for me to mess with. The 1st thing you knew, agents wanted me to test this joint, that joint, etc. My inspections were getting up to 35 - 45 minutes per house. At my age I can’t do 7-8 a day spending that much time in a house.

What are you asking for the following items?

35-45 Minutes is too LONG??? I hope you’re joking.

What do you mean by “Joking”???

Always remember, the faster we go, the better the realestators like us and the more money we can make. Also please note that the slower you are, the more defects you will likely see and feel obligated to talk about or write about. That will make you unpopular with the used house commissioned sales person and probably no more referrals - life is a real bitch sometimes.

I just can’t see how an inspector can see much, take notes, photos etc etc all in 35 minutes and not miss a huge amount. Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen to me.

Some agents prefer inspectors who just do drive by inspections and send a 50 page pre-printed report. We used to call them “get your head out of that furnace!” agents. :wink:

I’m pulling your chain, however as many inspectors do in most areas of the country - I have Inspectors around me that consistently crank out 45 minute to 75 minute inspections and are well loved and thought of by many agents.