Figured I’d list my tools and then planned purchases before launch and see if anyone has some ideas on a route to take. Not looking for ancillary tools yet, just general inspection.

Currently have:

GFCI Tester
Pinless moisture meter
Infrared thermometer
Waterproof thermometer
Various hand tools
Wifi electricians inspection camera

Thinking of getting next (over the next three months):
Home inspector pro software
26’ Articulating ladder

Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.

Don’t get a 26’ LG. Too damn heavy and bulky and you will rarely use the full height. If you need something that tall, get a ladder rack for your truck and get a 30’ extension ladder instead. Get a nice 14 foot collapsible ladder for attics, single story homes and even some crawlspaces.

Get Home Inspector Pro first. Sign up for a PayPal credit account, your first purchase over $100 will be 0% interest for the first 6 months. use that to buy HIP. It is the best software on the market but there is a learning curve, get it ASAP and start doing mock inspections.

Spectroscope was one of my best investments for those hard to reach roof, and chimney tops that without the pole i would never have seen.

I don’t see any head protection.

The man’s right…get some condoms.


Non contact voltage sensor would be a good addition.

It will be a cold day in hell when I climb a 26’ ladder. I’m not dying for any client.

HomeGauge software would be great, binoculars,

^ This. I use one on every inspections.

As for ladders, much of it depends on the houses in your area. But more than likely, you’ll want more than 1.

I started with 2 ladders (Xtend and Climb and a 6’ A Frame) and now have three (I added a 22’ Little Giant).

Shh, he already decided on Home Inspector Pro. He’s a smart man! :mrgreen:

What’s a wifi electricians inspection camera? :slight_smile: I may have to get one of those.

I just started this year as well and my best investment was the pole camera. Roofs in my area are usually to steep to access safely and I can get pictures just as good as standing on the roof myself. With the pole I can get good pictures without risk of danger to myself and the property. I use a GoPro knock-off from Amazon and it links flawlessly to my smart phone. My only complaint is I wish the Spectroscope was 30 feet instead of 25.

Am with you.

Ice pick.
I made a larger model out of an old paint roller. Sharpen the end, it screws on to an extension handle. Great for checking higher areas.
Used to carry two ladders. Extension and a step ladder. Decided on a Little Giant. It gets me in to any attic I need as well as on any roof that I will get on.

Troy, wondering how the knock off to the GoPro is working? If you’re still satisfied with it, can you share which brand and model it is? Thanks

Do this^^

I recommend having an IR camera and Moisture meter. The MR160 is an excellent entry level tool which does both. It is available at the Inspector Outlet. The conversation about the ladder is good as well. You need to be able to get on the roof and in the attic. If you are going to have just one ladder make it the 14 or 17 foot style. It is lighter and you will have less of a chance to hit walls.

Also consider a drop cloth or small vacuum. You should always leave the home as you find it. I could most likely insulate my entire attic with amount in insulation I have brought home in 27 years.