My 2 sons: 1 made 1st Class and the other made Life rank in Boy Scouts this week.

Ages 13 and 16.


Fantastic Nick. My oldest son was working on is eagle project, but got diverted by the smell of perfume and gasoline, and unfortunately did not get his eagle ranking. Stay involved!!!

Great advice…they’ll be gone before you know it.

Congratualations to your boys.

Scouting is a great experience for the boys. Congrats to them both.

very nice!


These ranks are earned by hard work and determination and not just handed out.

Scouting is something to be very proud of. Many important and famous people have achieved Eagle rank.

Congrats to your sons again from a fellow Eagle Scout.


Way to go Niko and Eric!!

Congrats Nick and sons.

What??? No pics???