My son is now an Eagle.

Passed his Board of Review last night.

Nick, I thought he was an Eagle about a year+ ago?
Maybe he was working at it . . .

At any rate, congrrrrrrats to him!
And to a supportive Dad . . .

Congratulation Nick, you can be very proud.

Congrats, Nick. Hard to do. Takes too much consintration for a young mind. It says a great deal about your son (and his parents!) that he was able to keep focused on such a high goal.

Again, much congrats.

Isn’t that a soothing and happy occasion when one of our sons show us that an accomplishment like that is possible on their own terms?

Congratulations to the Parents and to your son Nick.
Something to be proud of.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

** Congratulations Nick.**

hay Nick what did he have to do for his project?

Russell, he finished his Eagle project this summer, but wasn’t an Eagle until his review board

Kenton, his Eagle project was done at a park up in your town. There was a big muddy area where fisherman would stand on the side of a lake. He brought in tens of thousands of pounds of slabs (big ones that weighed tons) and used equipment to create a clean place to fish from on the edge of the lake.

Although he is officially an Eagle, his ceremony isn’t till next month.

Having lived, fished and inspected out of Loveland for years, I think I know the muddy area you’re talking about, Nick- What a project!

It got way worse when it was seasonally overloaded with goose poop . . .

Hey, remember years ago, I sent you an SOS, when A–I thought they were going to railroad their version of Home Inspector Legislation into Loveland?

You arrived from PA on the double-time, we rounded up all the NACHI inspectors on the Front Range to show up at the City Council Meeting, embarrassed the hell out of the A–I spokesman for trying to further his personal interests (he was actually on the council!!!), and now he’s sitting on Ground Zero of Planet NACHI.

Is he even inspecting anymore, I wonder . . .
Life is funny!!!

Only 1% of scouts that seek the rank of Eagle actually achieve it.

From one Eagle Scout to another, I say congratuations on a job well done.

Thanks Jay. I was never a Scout but I’m sure glad I got my boys into it. My younger son (14 and wild) won’t be getting his driver’s license until he’s 18 or an Eagle (his choice).

I remember my adolescent years in the Cub Scouts and then on to the Boy Scouts. I always tried to obtain as many merit badges as possible, but it required a lot of work and was very hard to climb the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and Eagle Scout. Only 5% of the total Boy scouts ever make it to Eagle Scout rank.

I remember fulfilling so many requirements in the areas of leadership, service, and outdoor skills, but it became too much for me and I never had the opportunity to make it to the top ranks. So I personally congratulate anyone that can successfully earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

A job well done.

Congrats to your son and his proud dad!


Congrats to you and your son.

It really proves that are kids are only as good as the supervision and love that they are given during their childhood.

Congrats Nick. Is he going to go for his Palms?

Congrats Nick. As the Scoutmaster of Troop 108 here in Milwaukee I know how hard it is for a boy to stick to it. There are so many outside influences trying to drag these boys down. I try to show that the Boy Scout sign is the best sign to live by. I have 2 boys in my Troop working on their Eagle projects as we speak. One of them is my son. We are going camping this weekend as a Troop and next weekend we will be building 3 LARGE cupboards for a food pantry on the south side of Milwaukee.
I know you must be very proud of you son. Just remind him that “Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.”

Hi Nick,

That’s outstanding.

Congrats to both of y ou.