My advice to Donald Trump: Pick Carly Fiorina as your running mate.

She’s your perfect V.P.

And I’ll vote for you two.

You know Nick I don’t ever disagree with you but IMHO Trump is a bonafide RINO and will divide the vote allowing Shrillary to come up the middle. And yeah I live in Canada but I was born in the great state of Georgia. I’ve watched old hair plant there switch sides more often than a football player.
I do like **Carly Fiorina. **I think she has bigger cahones than some of the other republican candidates.

Me too.

She is sharp.

Trump is a Democrat in republican clothing. If he does not get the nomination he will run and water down the republican vote insuring the Dems will get 4 more years to finish destroying this country. May be part of Trumps plan all along?

His sole purpose is, I believe, is to go after China for many things. That would be a good choice.

China, illegal immigrants, fair trade, monetary currency manipulation, drug cartels, health insurance companies, lobbyists… It’s s start!
Most of Trumps wealth and holdings are in the U.S.A and not abroad. At least we know where his priorities are. If he brings this up too early it will be a field day for his opponents which will most likely be the Republicans and Fox News. He’s more of a moderate which has a polarizing effect on traditional GOP’s. You won’t find him starting a conversation about religion but rest assured, the subject will be brought up by Cruz and the immoral right. Next up… His wife’s background, her ethnicity and good looks… Shallow is where this dialogue is heading.

So you would vote for a liberal elite running as a republican who chooses as his running mate a business women who was fired for running a fortune 500 company into the ground.


The hits just keep coming. :smiley:

Trump won’t be around long enough to pick a running mate.

George I always new you were a smart man.

Obvious pandering.

I think they all should roll back the clock and start again to find someone worthy

We have one party with two names. Trump has accused them all of being bought. I hope he keeps it up.

Yep. Both big government, big debt, dishonorable war criminals who listen in our phone conversations.

Nick, this ain’t Russia.

Where do you get this crap?