Donald Trump

Donald Trump ‘seriously’ considering running for president in 2012](

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Saw him talking about it a few weeks ago and one of the first things he would do is put tariffs on unfair competition from China.
He feels the exact same way I do about loss of manufacturing in this country.

He should challenge Obama from the Dem side.

I heard him say he would tell the oil cartel that we would not pay 100 bucks a barrel and the most we will consider is 40 bucks. He said it was time we used ours anyway.

I feel the young voters like him. Maybe just run independent.

Good point Mike he should run as a Dem. I am looking forward o this election.

He said if he runs he will run as a Republican.

The GOP’s Donald Trump problem

Satire is lost on kevy.

He’s still trying to pass third grade math.t

If he runs as an independent Obama will be elected again just like Clinton got elected when I voted for Ross Perot as a protest vote.

I don’t see the GOP picking either Donald or Sarah as their candidate to run against President Obama, looks like they will have to run as independents. :smiley:

If Trump does run(no matter what ticket), I would bet $1000.00 he will be the next president.

If he does not run, I would bet $1000.00 Obama wins again. In fact, I wont even waste the gas to go and try to vote his sorry *** out of office because I can’t afford it.:wink:

Besides Bush, he’s a runner up, worthless SOB.

Do you remember all the fuss that was made about Rudy Giuliani and how quick the people dismissed him as a candidate… Rudy was a hero, it’s doubtful that Trump will even get that far.

Trump has a lot more “following than Giuliani did”. There for he could get a nomination. Wild card, Mitt Romney. He will give it a run next election as well.

Don’t like any of them.

I remember, but I feel really good about Trump. He has a little flar like Clinton and the younger crowd really likes him and what he is about.

I think if he runs, he has a real shot. I like him better than Palin for sure.

My sister, who is a hard core lady Republican likes Mitt Romney.

She is one of these woman who never owned or fired a gun in her life, and has tea party’s and belongs to these swell social groups.

She went and got her gun permit only because Obama said she shouldn’t. She raised her kids to hate Democrats.

So I think those are about his only followers.

We could do worse than Trump for sure.

That guy was a typical brash New Yorker that ran on nothing but the glory of happening to be Mayor when planes ran into buildings while he was in office.

Now if he had stopped the planes before they hit I would have voted for him.

Trump is a salesman. Mostly he sells himself. 'Nuff said except for this.

Trump said:

Better than the current occupant but no small government conservative.