My favorite brand name HW heater

Beleive it or not there was a hot water heater in that box. Just disclaimed it and moved on.

You couldn’t open the door and look? It looks like there’s a little latch there.

This was my most beautiful Martha Stewart designer cabinet:

[Picture 1]( Water heater B.jpg)

[Picture 2]( Water heater C.jpg)

[Picture 3]( Water heater D.jpg)

It took five people to remove the cabinet “door,” something that the little ol’ lady could never have done. She had fallen in love the with renovated house, but she understood the dangers inherent here in hiding a gas-fired water heater behind a gazillion-pound “door.”


As much as I hate to do it, I spend the time taking panel cover off to inspect the unit. If the seller is there I try to get him to remove it.
It would be a tragedy if the uinit was old and leaked after the buyers moved into the home.

Not me that cabinet was put together will a milion screws it just appears in the pic as if it had a excess door to the burner. I was able to see the top of the heater from in the attic and it was a old heater by appearance. I have not written my report yet and don’t know exactly what I am going to say about the enclosure but it will be drastic.

I sure would not bother to take off this “door” because it needs to be called out as improper installation no matter what. As far as being “old and leaked”, I would recommend in the report that the system not be opperated until properly installed-period. Shaking that much weight by trying to get a makeshift door off only being supported by a couple of 2x4’s? no way.

Russell…But isn’t the craftsmanship on the cabinetry nice!?

As for that other monstrosity, that looks like a classic homeowner special. Surely no licensed plumber would have installed a water heater on such a platform. I love these kind of posts! There is no end to the imaginations of some people.