My Fellow Infrared Inspectors! (again)

It looks like I got double teamed and taken out by a last-second, cheap, low-blow, shot during the last website competition.

I was expecting a clean fight but If they wanna team up an fight dirty than I say bring it on!

I really need your vote this month

so please consider!

If you don’t see your site listed at the bottom of my “Pricing” page than let me know so I can get you added.

If you see something you don’t like about my website than please let me know so I can get it fixed for you. I build to please(and to win)!

Go to :

Check out


This is not a popularity contest. It is about the content of the web site. I think posts like this are wrong. If I had my way your site would be removed and never allowed to participate again.

I can’t speak for Mark, but as last month’s winner (tied), I take offense to your remarks. I agree with Greg’s comments, you’ve taken it too far.

I have no issue with this post. I think it was meant in good humor. But the vote is about the design and execution of the website and its content. In last month’s group yours was an also ran. Keep working on it. If yours is best this time around, I’ll vote for it.

BTW: Thanks for the link to my site. Would you like a link back? If so shoot me a PM. I’m leaving for two week’s vaca, so be patient.


I didn’t mean to offend you in anyway. I think maybe your taking me a bit to seriously.

I honestly feel that folks are going to vote for whatever website they feel is best no matter what I joke around about. By making posts about the friendly competition I can hopefully get people to actually look at the sites and offer some thoughts or feedback.

I have no way of knowing what others think of my website. The previous competition undoubtedly proved to be the best way for me to get opinions from other inspectors. I never got 1 extra vote after my postings last month but I got 2-3 responses that benefited my website greatly.

I never would have realized or even thought about several items that other inspectors brought to my attention due to my last postings.

This is a friendly competition and the whole point of a competition is to see how you fare and figure out how to improve. I realize it’s not a popularity contest. I’m not asking folks to just vote for me and be done with it. I’m asking folks to look at my site an tell me what they don’t like about it so I can continue to improve it.

I know peoples intentions are sometimes hard to understand from simply reading posts. I can easily understand where your thoughts are coming from as I to feel the best website should win vs. people getting their buddies to vote for their site.

I didn’t mean any harm. I was simply poking some fun into the competition with hopes of getting some extra participation. I can understand your point of view and I’m sure others may also have your point of view so I do apologize and I’ll leave it alone.

On the other-hand, there are some great websites in the nominations for this month and last month. Just viewing the websites in the competition has been very helpful for me. I am building a new website through HIP so getting ideas from all the nominations has been awesome.

Once again, I do apologize. Most of you guys have been unbelievably supportive and helpful with all my questions and concerns and the last thing I want to do is make enemies vs. allies of any of you, especially over something I meant to be as a joke.

Best of luck to everybody in the competition…

No worries Chuck, Your site looks great and I’m glad to have it listed on my site. I’m actually making an “Infrared America” tab at the moment. It’s kinda cool the way I’m trying to design it. It’s going to be a page with a map of the USA. As you drag your mouse over each state than the logo and website address of each Infrared InterNachi inspector I have listed for that state will pop out. I’m just working on getting everybodies websites and logos together.

Thanks for the link exchange offer! Go on vacation and we can worry about it sometime when you get back. I’m sure you have enough to do before leaving for 2 weeks.

Take Care


I think you could have left out the little man shooting the bird. It is not professional and not the image that should be shown on a public thread. What do you think one of your clients would think if they happened to come across this thread?

I understand your other points and will have to accept the fact that more than the content is considered.

Google search “Infrared Inspectors”, this thread is on page #1.

You need to watch what you do and say here.

I think you would have learned this with the Flir thread…

You may take what Greg said and edit your post.

oops, you can’t. Someone copied your initial post…
Never mind.

Yeah David, I was a little late on speaking with you and learning of the power of these threads. I post on several other forums where we all mess and joke around with each other quite a bit but none of the posts have ever been picked up by Google.

Hopefully most folks want be offended by the little smiley face dude along with realizing it was just a joke. I do hear and agree with what your saying. I’ll save the birds(the finger) for those that pull out in front of me or slam on their brakes for no reason, hahaha:mrgreen: