Member's very nice infrared inspection website.

I have to agree. David did a wonderful job on it.

Very nice David! Great content.

I agree Nick;

Excellent website and I am working on delegating one month this year on the Websites of the year to promote those IR Websites such as David’s.

David’s IR Website is also down for Website of the Year at the moment.

These promotional efforts should enhance the future of other IR Sites.

If I can get at least ten sites nominated, I wll choose a month to do so.

It is now being discussed in the Awards Committee.

Come all and enjoy.

Marcel :slight_smile:

I just ran into this thread…Thanks, guys.

Very Nice David.

I love it David, especially your pricing structure!!!

Well, now that a few have found this post, do you think that a monthly competition of website awards for a one month period work?

I haven’t established what you would win yet except Website of the Month and how I would differentiat at the end of the Year.

Most likely, I could have a Certificate Issued for ITI and the winner would still be eligible for the Website of the Year.

Maybe Nick could help on this one.

Nick any Comments.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Certified Infrared focuses on electrical, mechanical and roofing inspections using the latest state of the art Flir equipment . Our cutting edge technology provides the highest quality detailed imagery. We provide thorough and comprehensive reports pinpointing the exact cause of problems that threaten the integrity of your electrical, mechanical and roofing systems.

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