Need a yard sign

Does anyone have a yard sign I could purchase.

I have never done a move in certified inspection.

I have done numerous pre listing inspections.

I would like to help my client by installing a sign in the yard.



What’s the difference between a pre listing inspection and move in certified?


Free signs for your next Trade Show.](

If these are coated they may work outside also.

Having the material to provide to client like the yard sign.

This can be a big advantage over other homes in same market.

The inspection process is the same.

Thanks to Nick and Lisa

I will have the sign in a few days and my client is thrilled!!

Dave, were the ones I pointed you t o coated for outdoor use?

They are made of corrugated plastic so I would believe they would hold up OK.

Signs shipped to you today David.

Thank you very much. My client (An attorney) is very pleased. He has already given me a referral. (Another pre listing inspection)

I look forward to seeing the sign and I hope to be ordering in the very near future.

Thanks again.

Nice sign…but if I placed this sign, I would have placed my company name and number right above this sign.

Dave I plan too.
I was sent the signs by Nick to try. 1st time using.

I like them.

How would I get my company name on signs. Does Nachi provide this service.

go to a printer and have him make a small sign to stand on top, with wires that fit into the ribbs of the main sign, should not be too much cost involced

I concur.

Hey Nick is there any way I could also get one of those signs? Would love to use it on the website and as a better marketing tool?

This company has good prices. I was very happy with the signs they made for me.


You can download the logo (for your website) HERE.

Yea I have it on the website, or a version of it. Looking for an actual hard copy, I don’t even know where to get the layout if I went to a sign shop anyway.


I attached the link on my last post. Simply go HERE and upload the EPS version so you can send it to your printer. It quite easy.

Any other questions or requests regarding this particular program can be answered HERE.


I have a pre-sale inspection this week and would be interested in obtaining one of these signs as well.

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