Twilight zone inspection

Todays inspection made me feel like I stepped back in time. House was built reportedly around 1911 and had lots of original or almost original components that were in remarkable condition. Someone took good care of this place including this boiler still in use. Even the (probable) asbestos wrap on the pipes was in good condition. Some pretty vintage linoleum too.

Haunted ?

Bet that furnace uses a ton of gas.How was the chimney liner ?

Estate sale, could be haunted… :wink:
They have plans to replace the boiler. Quote for asbestos removal alone was $14K.
Snow and ice on the roof and couldn’t open cleanout door so the chimney flue is a ?

Bet no liner.
What about the cap area or above the roof line ? was the brick intact?

2 Clay flues, one not used. A little “blackish” up top. One had a rain cap. No visible metal liner. Brick looked ok, some mortar loss.

OK so they had a clay tile liner and not in bad shape.
Like you said,well kept.

Just realized you said boiler when I saw the 2 pipe radiator and saw the pressure gauge. .
That means they can convert to hydroponic later.

Yep, like usual, they never remove the form work early enough to clean the concrete drippings on the brick and patch the holes from the cement nails holding up the form work for the cap.


Looks pretty damn good compared to what I see.

Well, just saying.
What I see and some don’t. :wink:

Not sure what that means but I saw the small openings …not a deal killer and easy to tuck point.

Yep. :slight_smile:

Steve you have an amazing logo.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Ther’e a fair chance that the clay liners were put in when the chimney cap was re-poured and are only in the top 2-6 feet of the chimney.

In my area, most older chimneys (50+ years) have had the top brick section above the roofline re-built once or twice by now. The masons usually never try to get the owners to do a full liner as they are afraid the customer will not give them the job due to the mason suggesting more work be done than requested by the homeowner. These guys need to become better salesmen to get the extra work and produce a safer end product- a fully lined chimney.

I was thinking the place looked extremely clean as well. Not even dust and it looked as if it was always like that not just cleaned up.


No offense intended but what do you like so much about Steve’s logo? It is clean and neat but it does not say anything to me about Steve or his company but maybe I am missing something? To me it kind of looks like the icons that I think they called glass that was introduced with vista or another version of windows but I am not sure.


Did those awesome folks at InterNACHI do it or did you do it yourself/

Steve soes it have any particular meaning?

It’s obviously not a NACHI logo. And I just like it. It’s one of the nicer ones I’ve seen.

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Not an Internachi logo. Had them make one for me though and strongly disliked it, so went another route.

Does it have any meaning I get the check mark and I think the rest is a house sloop roof chimney an windows. Is that correct?

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