Latest from the Naval Academy


I gotta say Will…not one of my officers looked like that…

You must be very PROUD!!! I am glad we have young people that will serve our country.

Navy eh? THE SENIOR SERVICE! Congratulations.

My step-daughter has been in for now about a year. Can’t say were she is right now,
but she is aboard a Navy Destroyer. She’s had a tough time, she’s all about 110 lbs, but He!! on wheels.
I’m proud as well and have been there for Graduation through Dad I need money, Gee
I thought school was over. Oh Well! its for a good cause or so she tells me.

Congrats Will. How much longer does she have to go?

My oldest son just started Air Force OTS at Maxwell AFB.

Go midshipmen!

In her 2nd year. 2 more years, at the Academy, then 5 years service. She’s going Surface Warfare. Majoring in History with a minor in Arabic (she already speaks Spanish and Hebrew).

I believe that she will go career.

My youngest is thinking about going Marines.

Gonna be some interesting Thanks givings coming up.

Naval Officer
Marine Gunny
and the olderst, who is a lefty peacenik.

Oh well, at least we can all cheer of Navy at the Army / Navy game.

That’s great. You can’t get a better education. I read your earlier posts about her class’ exploits with the balloons - great innovators.

My son also graduated as a language/history major (Latin and ancient Greek & Roman history). He will be graduating from OTS (Air Force Security Forces) in December, at which point he will be known in our household as “Lieutenant Dan”.

I think my youngest son is contemplating doing a similar program with the Army. He will graduate from Huntsville with a criminology degree in December and getting married the same month.

December is going to be an eventful month for us.