My new ride.........for the day!

What do you guy’s and ladies think ? Would this make a good inspection vehicle?

Cool… Can’t even see the ladders !!!


You strap a ladder to that puppy Mario …it’s gonna leave some marks…jim

I’d hate for your hair to get messed up, better put the top back up! :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s OK. Mario doesn’t have enough hair to have a problem. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I used to work at a Benz dealer back when I was in college, the first gen SLK’s used to get sideways pretty easily:mrgreen: :twisted:

Have fun Mario:cool:

you are the one person I could see actually using that as an inspection vechicle, bet your stuff would fit as well. Hope the ride is as nice as it looks

Absolutley, everyone will be inspecting you!

I will drive beside you in this…

or this…

That all depends what… or who… you were inspecting.:cool:
Mid-life crisis has finally caught up, huh? Too bad your wallet hasn’t!:stuck_out_tongue:

Here is new ride. Winter project… took 7 months from start to finish. Was done last Thursday and won the local Bike show on Sat. Same problem as your ride where to put the ladder??? Nick this is the bike i was telling you about when we were Edmonton last Jan (at the late night Diner)… took a bit longer than planned but they alwas do.

Those headers made of Transite or wrapped in asbestos? :mrgreen:

:cool: Those hand made pipes are chromed and wrapped with heat wrap. When I ordered the tape I asked that question… the response I got was "are you doing a home inspection or building a bike? Good eye!! I wore latex gloves when I wrapped the pipes… the fiberglass was very hard on the hands :wink:

That is sweet Carey! What type of an engine did you use?

S&S 100 Smooth runs great no vibration.

Agreed Jim, on second thought I won’t buy one!


This is my sister’s Mercedes Darren, I had fun driving it though!


I will take the Ferrari over any other vehicle any day!


This is my sister’s vehicle, I really enjoyed driving it and yes it drives as nice as it looks!!