Show us your Ride!!

I am getting my new truck on Monday and need some ideas on a full or partial wrap. If your proud of your ride, lets see it!! I have been thinking about the plumbing truck I saw online with the toilet where the front seat should be. I would love to do something like that but have not figured out what to do yet. Any Ideas??

If I go to a van which I am Quite tempted with gas prices, I plan to put a Framed house picture on it complete with the window being in the windows partially finished to exposed construction. Of course all the logos of what I am able to do and Current logo made by Internachi. This way it can advertize while sitting still.
Now with a truck wrap that I would do would be and the CCHI from the rocker panel to the tail gate. Add logos of completed courses if you desire and since you are former carpenter showcase that too. Don’t put anything on your hood as this will distract your driving and can’t be seen anyways. This way your truck can advertize while sitting still.:smiley:

Here’s a couple of pix…




I was waiting for you Robert.
I think your ride is PERFECT.
I used to do Trimline when I was 19 and man that is some of the nicest logo work I have seen.

Thanks Kevin. It was fun working with the folks that did it. They showed me their last project which was the local sheriff’s helicopter. I laughed and said if you guys can do a helicopter, you can do my little HHR :smiley:

Think GREEN, here’s an option.
Warning not recommended in all areas, refer to a qualified professional.

inspector on a bike.jpg

Here’s a video as Jay will explain how it works for him.

Here’s mine. I’m thinking adding something more to the side. Like larger lettering “Home Inspections” .

Post pic’s of your current vehicle please!

I already have under advertising on your vehicle.
Find it Jeffrey! I know you are good at that.
I am between buying either a Chevy Uplander or Dodge Caravan both have great features for home a New Home Inspection vehicle.
We are paying $1.39/litre here and when it hits $1.50 I will retire my Dodge V10 for normal Inspections in town.

Nope, won’t waste my time playing your silly little games.

If you’re not willing to post pic’s of your own vehicle, your opinion is a moot issue, and should be disregarded. I knew that you wouldn’t.


Actually you can go to it is there also.

He showed his so now it’s your turn. I never took a picture of mine but it had my logo and number on the rear crew cab windows and on the rear cap window. I have taken them off and hope to reapply them to the new truck until the wrap is done.

So it’s a “I showed you mine, now show me your’s” kinda thread? You’re sick man! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine is also in many threads on this MB over the last couple of years. :mrgreen:

I am heading out with the kids for the day, but I will take a new pic when it stops raining and post it here tonight.


Thanks Jeffery. Wish I had taken a few of mine before I took the logos off.:roll::roll:

I’m taking my truck in tomorrow to let the sign company get final measurements and re-work some of the text. Should be installed by the end of the week. I will post a new picture when finished.

Looks really good Lee. I do agree with Jeffery from the other post about some of the lettering being to small but the design stands out really well.

I would not put anything like that that blocks my view. It is very nice though.

I would think it would be like bus’s and such. They can see the image from the outside but you can see out fairly easily. Not sure what they call it.

If it is spotted design matrix. Then Yes but according to gloss I see I don’t think it is.
Again I could be wrong and only Lee can tells us.

Here’s mine Greg…

Oftentimes… less if more…