My Next Car

Cost $2000 to $2500 NEW…:mrgreen:

This should really impress the girls now.

That will definitely be a chick magnet.

Gee, I can’t wait to see the SPORT version…:roll:

Just think. You’ll be able to ‘pimp your ride’ just by adding a second windshield wiper ! :cool-cat:

This is a lawn mower on steroids.

I know you are being sarcastic, but…

It definately will attract chicks! They will see that ‘vehicle’, and start thinking of all the money you have to spend on them from the savings. Now who’s being sarcastic? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m In India right now buying 4.

Not street legal in this country.

They will never know

I bet you can’t even get them into this country.

No airbags for one.

Whenever I see so-called “Smart Cars” like these, I immediately think of how dumb I would feel if I were to get into an accident in it. Of course, that is assuming that I would escape death and brain damage.

Mike your to analytical.

Sorry fella;-)

It comes from my engineering background I guess.

BTW- I saw that the manufacturer of that car plans to produce a European model that will cost 3x the price.

And if introduced to the us 10x the cost, plus a committee to explore how to make it better costing us 1.4 billion. Isn’t that so typical?

A committee to explore the obvious

Think of the money it will save…after you have a wreck, they can bury you in it, saving your family THOUSANDS on a coffin!

They say it seats 5. The whole family can save.:roll:

Americans are to fat to fit five in that thing.

I gonna buy two of these.

Looks cold and wet. Where’s the bumper? Oh…you’re the bumper!

This will also help the world population problem since it will do 35 mph.

I think I’ll get one to use for getting in my mail.