What does an inspector drive?

Just getting started on my education through NACHI and I’m looking ahead at a suitable vehicle for doing inspections. This vehicle will also be my private vehicle. Currently I have a 2011 Camry which is in good shape and love.

Can I keep the sedan or will I need something larger?


I use my 07 Camry; great on gas mileage and fits my Xtend & Climb ladder in the trunk. I will most likely upgrade to a different vehicle later to advertise on, but am saving money by not going out and buying a truck or Transit now.

My LL Bean Edition Subaru Forester is the bomb!

AWD takes on the snow with ease.

Heated leather seats. Love it. Good gas mileage and plenty of storage too!

In about 3 years I’m going to get a used Porsche Cayenne! :mrgreen:

I think you deserve a Porche Cayenne too!

HHR…I love it. Super functional, great on gas and it’s a rolling billboard.

That looks good Jim. Is it a wrap, or paint? I bought a Ram C/V and plan on doing something similar.

It’s a wrap. The car is actually navy blue…they did a nice job.

Heck yeah! Ty!

In 3 years I’ll turn a youthful 60, I’ll buy the Cayenne out in New Mexico or Arizona and tool around the West for awhile, like a few weeks and then head back to Bmore! :cool:

Personally, I like to drive conservatives crazy, like shootin’ fish in a barrel. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an example of what NOT to drive. It looks nice enough, but the GMC 2500HD, absolutely annihilates gas, you can almost watch the needle go down. My next vehicle will be smaller. Just needs to fit a few boxes and the LG and xtend & climb ladders.

All that matters is that its not a jalopy, looks decent and professional, also a labeled vehicle shows that its your full time profession. It can be a mini if you want.

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couldn’t resist this one low gas mileage l

man i need lesson on how to paste pics

My 2001 sportage is perfect size for me.
Not sure why I would blow cash on an ego booster.
No stickers, magnets or signs but do have a nice dent and some rust.
Runs great and fits my ladder.
Can barely keep up with business so guess appearance means not so Much.
Go figure.

And yet, I disagree with Bob again.

I think appearance is of high importance. Your vehicle must be professional and clean, in my opinion. Just like YOU have to be professional and clean. Your tools, your appearance, your equipment and your cars, your business cards, the way you take or cover your shoes when you enter the house, I can go on and on…all of these things are very very important…

Doing a large amount of work in a great market is not a sign of success. Doing well in a poor market is the true sign of success.

Not saying I am right, but it works for me…

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Just Booked a $1,000 gig for saturday off a walk and talk from yesterday and wrapped up on the phone a couple multi unit multi building reports completed the other day and none of these rich investor groups seem to care much about what I am driving.This afternoon a Broker asked me if I wish to sublet part of his office even though it means the rust bucket will sit there…go figure.:mrgreen:

My referral percentage is off the charts lately so what am I doing wrong …:shock:

Must be my 60’s stories.LOL

Looks good !

Bob, completely disagreeing with you. Logo’ing up your vehicle with a consistent brand is a must have for service business advertising irregardless of the vehicle, be it a Camry, or anything else. When we hand folks our cards they ask if we have the vehicles with the grey and blue banding on them. Yep, thats us. ‘Oh yeah, I see your vehicle(s) all the time driving around’. Nobody is going to say, oh yeah, I see your rustbucket driving around all the time. Consistency is the key, it may not get the phone to ring but your brand will stick in people’s minds and thats what’s important with this kind of marketing.

To Michael’s original question, if it were me, I’d keep it simple at first. Get your business going and able to stand on its own 2 legs before you start considering a vehicle. Extend and climb ladders and a nice tool bag will fit what you need in the trunk of the vehicle. Me personally am retiring/parking my 03 Silverado 2500 that I’ve had for 11 years and I have bought and am currently building out a Nissan Cube to be our full time inspection vehicle. Roof ladder rack, laptop stand in passenger seat, full logo’d vehicle wrap, safety cage behind the front seats. Looking forward to $25-$30 gas tank fill ups and 30+ MPG