Hot PIC. Check out this Texas member's inspection vehicle...

It sure catches one’s attention.


John McKenna would never fit in it. LOL!

Most of us wouldn’t, I wonder where they put the micro wave tester lol Roof rack ?lol

I can see that as causing more harm than good… A typical potential client is going to ask… “How’s he get on the roof?”

He may have a ladder in there, but most people aren’t going to think that hard, and will call the guy with the ladder on his roof-rack.

The thing is here in Austin the yuppies will eat that stuff up. He’ll get jobs just because of that car…bet ya money. I thought of getting a gimmick car just because it’s Austin and thus the weirdo capital of Texas. Maybe a hearse with the phrase “I’m interested in the life of your home” Or maybe a “Mystery Machine” like Shaggy and Scooby. I know silly and unprofessional looking but around these parts that can truly be the norm.

“Keep Austin Weird” :roll:

Ouch :mrgreen:

Smart car owners are stupid.

There is a local pizza shop around here that has 20+ locations. In each location he has a painted up something…trailer, car, truck as like monster truck type, ect ect. Must work because every time I drive by I look!

You’re EX’s new Toy BK?-------------:stuck_out_tongue:

…and thus the process of natural selection and elimination continues. :smiley:

Please don’t take this wrong but aren’t you on a motorcycle in your profile pic?

Excellent point. But, hey…I’m wearing a helmet!

It’s a great little car. Not your everyday driver but I bought it to promote my business. I feel perfectly safe, certainly safer than a bike or motorcycle. It’s a Euro-spec vehicle with a Mercedes diesel engine that I run bio-diesel to the tune of mid to high 60’s mpg. It’ll max out at 90 mph on the freeway, but I like to put the top down and just cruise the local streets. Stop to fill up with gas and someone usually comes over and asks for a business card. My tools can easily fit, including the tele-steps ladder. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea…but so what, it works for me! :slight_smile:

Hmmmm. I think I’ll convert my lawn tractor into an inspection vehicle. It has a cup holder too and I can pull a trailer with all my stuff.

Well that the bottom line if it works for you. 60 Mpg is a lot better in what i get . about 5 times better.

Define “safe”. Consumer’s Reports ranks those cars as among the worst they’ve ever tested. You might be safer than on a bicycle or even a motorcycle, but that’s a sorry testimony. Watch the video!

To each his own. As for me, I would never put one of my children in that vehicle.