My past employer experience

Worked for a employer I will not mention. Just that looking for ladder pics found some other goodies.
I think I spent more time documenting fire and safety violations than working.

I feared for my life everyday. I have hundreds of pics. LOL :laughing:
Worst was a lightning fixture started arcing. Manager tried extinguishing the fire with fire extinguishers. 2 of the fire extinguishers handles broke. They never had them refilled or replaced. After 4 extinguishers he told me and the other night crew guy to watch it he is going home.
It arced for days.
I told them “Why don’t you just shut the power off?”
I looked for the disconnect everything was buss fuses from the 60s and not labeled properly.
I stayed by a fire exit that wasn’t blocked. The benefits of being a union worker.

Actually, it looks like a typical commercial inspection to me! :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I’ve had to be part of safety committees and used to have to do walk throughs constantly. It’s just now phones make it easier to document. This place was the worst I ever seen.

Another place I thought was bad and the fire department came 3 times due to a dead battery in the alarm panel. I had to walk them threw and they acted like nothing was wrong. Lol

Do you do commercial inspections?
How do you get anyone to realize what is wrong?

Yes, I do commercial inspections. Mostly industrial buildings. All you can do is report what you find.

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Thanks, I know it will be different not having to work in the same place. That seems to be the avenue for me. Even if I only start with walk throughs. I have an eye :eye: for it is all I will say.