I guess people can't read labels...

One for the professionals. A commercial install / very old industrial converted into store…
If you guys saw this place and the wiring you would cringe…:shock:


You must not have a fire marshal inspection of commercial property there.
That is the kind of thing they will red tag you for here. Three of those tags and they padlock your door.

I was on a trip…to small town Michigan…:D:D Not my neighborhood…:wink:

This old place had every conceivable mish mash of exposed wire, open junction boxes, discarded equipment, rusty rusty equipment… Zip cords , tape everywhere and fixtures hanging from wire…:shock:

In my neck of the woods the place would have been inspected…I think;-)

Beyond what looks like a terminating SEC to the panel, all I see is something that a brillo pad and some Rustoleum could correct. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Who installs a panel in between closely spaced windows on a brick wall anyways? Is it a Chicago thing?

It was a old factory in Michigan turned into a craft, yard art store…:smiley:
A very cool old factory…


Only you would use the phrase:

“A very cool old factory…”

But, that is why you are so cool (and a TOTAL construction nerd).

And very helpful to all of us in this area.


Ok Will,

Here for you… Can You guess what these are? A free beer for you if you
know both…:mrgreen:

Offer valid at next meeting …limit one bottle of your choice…not to exceed 6 dollars …contest void where prohibited…:smiley:


I believe that the one on the right os an old fire extinguisher.

The one on the left looks like electroplated parts being dried.

I don’t drink beer. Beam and Coke.

How’d I do?

awwwwwww… Wha wha whaaaaa

I figured you would get the one on the right…all ya needed to do was “expand” on the picture and see the label…:D:D:D

You get only a coke… No Beam…:frowning:

Thanks for playing…:mrgreen: