Watch the new show on the EPA's green building. Episode 12.

As a dial-up user, I’d rather have a link where I can download the video and play it back later than a streaming video.

Nick, real nice.

Was this project part of a LEEDS Program. (leadership in energy and environmental design?)

How many points were awarded if so for the project total.?

Certified- Silver- Gold or Platinum in points

Just wondering since this was an EPA Project.


Marcel :slight_smile:

Hey Marcel. This EPA building in Denver is certified gold.

Is that what you were asking?


Thanks Valerie,

Wow, that is cool.
Getting Patinum must be some darn difficult.
I am happy with Silver for a College project.

Thanks again.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Nick & Valerie

Very nice video, but…

I really think you all should come up with a more quality audio. Most of these videos are fantastic but the audio makes it look unprofessional. Too much noise in the background.

Just my 2-cents…

C’mon Valerie,

With those skills that you have, I’m sure you can come up with a cure. Are you attaching the microphone to the indivuals that you are interviewing?



The beginning was tough. Nothing we had on location worked well being on the top of a building in Colorado.

Compare it to one done on the set. The set audio is pretty good.

We’re going to try a fur covered unidirectional boom mic on location next and see if that works in wind.

It is impressive.
I wonder how much it cost to build that building?

Steven; considering this was a LEEDS project funded by the tax payers and a proto to make the green push for this Country, you might not want to know. ha. ha. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: