My rant on message board posts.

Sorry if it is just me or if anyone resembles this remark as no real names are being used here but there is a trend on threads and posts under specific topics of home systems and components that is begging to bother me.

Below is an example of what I often see.

1)Post topic with a picture of a roof and comment such as (Sure looks crazy huh)
2)Member or second poster responds with (yeah ,what were they thinking)
3)Next poster comes back with (gee I certainly agree as that just does not look right.
4)Experienced guy comes in like a Sensei and says that is not allowed anymore.
5)Smart guy enters and posts a link(

OK ,20 posts latter I might still have no idea of what problems were seen in detail,what was wrong and why.
I often get the impression that many times guys are just posting in agreement with no real reasoning behind it.

Please if you comment tell us what you see, would say in the report,why you would say it ,and then back it up with a code or web site link on that specific issue.
Tell us what could happen if not repaired or corrected.

This place has more facts on Politics than Inspection some days.

Thank You ,as the rant man is now leaving the room.

gee I certainly agree … :wink:

90% of Full Time Home Inspectors can tell what the defect is by looking at the Picture Bob. :smiley:

Condo Inspectors, the percentage drops a little. :wink:

If you are not sure what is going on try this.

“Hi, I am looking at the picture and I am not sure what is going on?” :cool:

Our just recommend that they take a bunch of pictures and use a certain report writing software and the client should figure it out for himself. No?

Yep, sounds about right to me! :mrgreen:

A photo would help.

A lot of people on this message board need to get a life or more time doing inspections.

Here is a sample page from an expert report.

Not to mention the corner post. Bob is that a real sample?

Sure it is.
I work high end property only so here is a example from a real report with real comments.
Please do not copy my narratives as I will be selling as a complete set soon.
[ATTACH][ATTACH]nachi siding.jpg[/ATTACH][/ATTACH]

Have a nice night Bob… :mrgreen:

Is it true this is how you talk to your clients Stephen?
That all day Facebook while smoking dope stuff is not good for you so cut down or switch to a bong.:mrgreen:

On the serious side I actually have lost 10 pounds over the last few weeks thanks to my Total Gym and cutting out carbohydrates.

That’s what I was thinking.:o

Thanks for your thoughts Mike but if those who post to help others posted as often as you do then I expect this forum could loose a lot of members.
How about you have you voted over the years for the web site of the month .
Unfortunatly most do not .

Thanks … Roy

What were they thinking? What do YOU think? What does everybody think? How would you write my report up for me? What is the best camera? What is the best software? What kind of vehicle do you recommend? I saw an air conditioner today, but I didn’t get a photo, and I couldn’t read the Model number or serial Number, can you tell me the size and age…please? It was brown if that helps.

Bob looks kinda funny to me. Have an expert check him out…:slight_smile:

We should be glad the Avatars are so small as some of these mugs might keep people away.:slight_smile:

Exactly my point Doug.
These guys are supposed to be professional Home Inspectors and then do not even have a photo of an issue they need help with or a good detailed description.
I feel sorry for the clients.:frowning:

Some of these same guys brag that they only take a few pictures as they are not needed.
Ridiculous that there are times no one knows what is being asked if we are all trained in the subject.

BOB you have the ability to open some of the best posts and get people looking in many directions . This is needed Thanks … Roy

PS I still think the BBB is needed

Brown AC = **it box
Well fellows we all cant not soar like a eagle.
Pictures? why pictures we do not need no stinking pictures.