Too much bitching.....

As a new member I find the message board a very valuable source of information about our industry. However, it usually takes me a while to dig through the pissing and moaning to actually get to what I’m looking for. I’m already tired of reading all the BS that follows someones post…ie. The sarcastic comments, digs at other inspectors, personal insults at others by master inspectors…blah blah blah. I may have to re-think my membership here. I’m looking for a professional organization that I can count on for support and a shoulder to lean on as start my career. I’m sure as a newbie I’ll incure the wrath of some of you good old boys…but tough ****. I’m a grown up…

Now that I’ve had my 2 cents…can someone tell me WHY I should stay here?

Mike Howard
Double Check Home Inspections
Camrose, Alberta Canada

As a reletively new inspector I joined this Association because of the wealth of information and support that they offer to their members. I have learned so much from InterNACHI continuing education courses, links to other areas of learning and mostly from the message board!

There is going to be bitching and moaning anywhere you go. Once you get a large group of people together you will have the “ego clashing” and the immature comments that will follow from a select few. Don’t let that discourage you.

The vast majority of all the members that post on this message board are very kind, helpful, understanding, professional and full of so much knowledge and experience that I can’t imagine you would get anywhere else.

Joining this Association is one of the best decisions I have made toward the success of my business. There are people on here 24/7 and when you post a question, there is a reply to that question very quickly most of the time.

The internet is a great source of information, we all know that.
InterNACHI has the largest message board out there. You would be hard pressed to find a bigger, better message board that will give you the help and support we all need to become better, more successful Home Inspectors.

Nobody has ever attacked me on this message board. I feel that nobody will ever attack me. This is a very professional place.


As a new member you’ll need to learn the skill of ignoring and sifting through nonsense threads on the message board. As time goes along you’ll notice to pay attention to the member that started the thread. There are about 6+ members that typically start threads just to start bull****. Unfortunately nonsense threads are not frowned upon.

Happy sifting!

Well, I’ll chime in as I have done my part to try and give back the crap that some spew towards others right back at them EVERY chance I get. I’m also sick to death of it. If you notice however, you are posting on a “open for everone” General Inspection Discusion board. Most of the offenders are no longer members, at least the ones I have noticed. There are a lot of members that are here to help in any way they can. Sometimes the bad apples try and ruin the bunch, but at some point, someone is going to have to make a determining factor and get rid of the bad apples, as they will affect the whole bunch of us. I have found that if you post a question, or are looking for advice, I get the best results (not to mention faster) in the members only section. Try an experiment and post the same question in two different places. One in the members only section, and in the “open” forum. Personally, I like it here. Just like everywhere else, nothing is perfect. We all have flaws. Some we can work around, others we ignore, some get put in the garbage where they belong. Ultimately, no one here can “make up” your mind for you. You have to do that for yourself. I believe you should choose to stay and learn as a new inspector, then reciprocate and contribute when you feel comfortable. When I was a new inspector not too long ago, I asked questions all the time. Every single question that I had as a new inspector, was answered before I could get finished with the report I was writing. I found that to be VERY impressive and helpful. Good luck, which ever direction you choose to go. If I can help you in anyway, I certanly will without hesitation and sny remarks that won’t be helpful. I’m sure I am not the only one here that will do that.

I hate to disappoint you but this never has and never will be the PC, security blanket association that you are whining for. If you want PC, join A$HI. If you want BB that you can continuously learn from and recieve advice from experts and veterans, this is the place.

Good luck finding that association that is both PC and supportive … :roll:

If after a few months here, and just a few posts you’re whining…I can’t think of a reason. ;-):roll::smiley:

Nick and Blaine have good points. Harsh on words but to the point. I am not PC either. Never want to be. I will however, discuss my beliefs with a little more discription. Here is an example: Better grow thicker skin, and quit being so offended (AKA girly).


The sad reality is that there are trade-offs in life for many things you want. If you want the education from this BB, you have to sift through the less than desirable posts. You don’t see me bitching about how much I have to pay in property taxes when the city provides a school for my kids and law enforcement.

Perhaps you should, depending upon the amount of the taxes and the quality of the schools and police. I sure did when I lived in D.C.!! ;-):D:D

There is a pattern to all of this bitching that you are referring too. It is usually the same people that make the offensive posts over and over. I would suggest that you put those people on ignore, that way you quit looking at the posts that offend you.

Yeah, I would if I was in DC. Or Madison, WI.

It’s hard to believe that people think that our taxes are too much in Florida. Most people that I know living up North pay over 5,000 a year, plus have a state income tax.

Mine were there when I left. The difference is that my homeowners insurance was only $300 per year instead of 3K. It all evens out, sort of. :wink:

Hi Mike,
I like the name of your inspection business,
Check out this website!

I am a newbie to this board and i find it very useful place for information , Yes there is lot of bitching and complaining but that is part of the Good the Bad and Ugly. Just swing your poncho over your shoulder light a cigar and continue on . I get sucked in once in awhile in some post but most of the post have really great information. I was a firefighter and when the hall was slow the fire fighters starting bitching and complaining till the alarm came in then they where all brothers . I think it is the same here. You got to admit though some of it is entertaining just like a talk show on TV.
Maybe we could figure a name for a section where they all could post Like the Bitch Slapping For HI 99.9% of the guys are a good resource of information The others just like to hear them selfs.

We could call it the Jerry Springer Thread.

Tell me way the people on there are always from a trailer park in the south. I am sure there is enough nut jobs every where

It’s mostly ASHI.

They send over their gang of disrupters over to our message board in a pathetic attempt to slow the InterNACHI train.

As a newbe my self I have learned a lot from the guys and gals here at InterNACHI. I try to tune out a lot of the BS and stick to the threads that mean something to the inspections I do. This is still the best place to get the information you are looking for.
I read the crud that is written against InterNACHI and Nick and laugh. Those of us that enjoy being here will keep posting on the good things.
You can stand proud when you are a member here!!! Nick will see us through this BS that has been flying around here lately. He will hold InterNACHI together.
Stay the course and stay with us.

I reckon so, partner… you just got to ingore them ladies… :wink: