My Safe Florida Home Question

Hello. I hope you all don’t mind me asking this here at InterNACHI, however I don’t know where else to ask or what to do.

I’ve tried contacting Department of Financial Services who runs MSFH via phone, email, and Twitter, with no response at all.

My inspection and required documents were submitted for the grant over 5 weeks ago and the web page is still showing “Grant application submitted”.

I know you all aren’t part of this portion of the program but do any of you know if they are that backed up? My concern is that my app got glitched. Also are any of you aware of a way to actually get in touch with someone from MSFH?

I greatly appreciate any info you might be able to provide, thank you all.

I don’t think they accepting any more inspectors right now… prob have too many

I was doing some final inspections this week where the initial inspection was in December last year. They added funds in July and again a few weeks ago to get the process moving again.

Chris Toombs