My Saturday Attic

I’m not really sure what to make of this townhouse. Never mind that there was a 3 inch wide, 4 foot high gap in the fire wall between the two units, or that plastic bags are apparently being stored in the attic…

All of the rafters are the same, none of the 4x6s meet or touch the 2x4s, they are all being held by the gusset plates. They don’t even line up properly. Is this a type of engineered frame I’ve just never seen before or has someone got creative?





Looks like someone was trying to block the rain from getting in through the ridge vent with those plastic bags

I have seen prefab home built that way where the trusses fold for transportation. Then they extend them out when the home is on site.

I do not see how those tiny gusset plates would do the job.
Those rafters need repair.

Greg I thought the same but usually the soffit is folded up and the picture shows the 2x on the lower side is attached with a gusset so the top would fold down over it .? Or were they laid down flat over the ceiling? Just thinking out loud

I agree. See the round hole in the center? That would be the ‘hinge’ or ‘pivot’ point.

Karen I have seen those hinges on some Prefab Homes but what would fold the bottom has gussets attaching to the (what appears to be wall / ceiling 2x). could the rafters have been laid flat over the ceiling ? Sorry questions not answers. The hinges also look offset or bent ?

These don’t meet, they don’t align (they are are off by an inch), so the hinges are offset.

There is enough going on up there to call in an expert but I want to know what this is in case I ever see it again. I just can’t stand unsolved riddles.


Agree the offset hinges would be a defect, damaged/bent during assembly in the field. See the following link for info on modular homes and how they are built, and what to look for to help identify them. Scroll about half way down to see info on the hinged trusses.


BTW… normal for them not to meet. Looks weird, but okay, usually.

Moisture stains are visible on the studs blow the bags.

Those trusses don’t look like they have structural integrity. Recommend evaluation by a structural engineer.