gap between rafters

is there a particular name for this type of framing?
i’ve never seen a gap in two lengths of rafters before connected by a plate.
is this a particular framing style? or does it look like it was some sort of repair job?
are there any disadvantages of having this type of system? i dont understand why it was constructed this way.

Google modular trusses. They are designed that way to facilitate transportation.

A bad repair job. A hack job.
Trusses are engineered units and should not be cut, notched, or modified in any way without an engineer’s approval.

How about the moisture stain?

yep, that’s why i thought it might be from some sort of repair.

It is not a repair. It is a pivot gusset used to tilt the top of the truss down for moving the complete home down the road.

No problem there except the moisture, like Roy noted. Was it wet using your moisture meter?

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a pivot gusset.
Thanks Larry

Glad to help my friend.

Its a truss hinge plate connector used mainly in manufactured housing with fold down roof systems. The truss is designed where the upper hinge portion carries very little load.