My tribute to 4th of July PIC.

Happy 4th!

Here is one of mine!:smiley:
All of them have" laser sights"

Colt 45's (640x480).jpg

I just recently bought two AR 15’s. One is a “Bush Master” and the other is a Colt LE edition.
This one has a “red dot” site:D

AR-15 (640x480).jpg

Nice Frank!

I have a 6920. Iron sights.

Ammo Is Getting Scarce!
**[FONT=Times New Roman]Last night a man in his 60’s lucked out and was able to buy several boxes of ammo at the sporting goods store. **[/FONT]
**[FONT=Times New Roman]On the way home he stopped at the 7-Eleven gas station where this drop-dead gorgeous younger blonde was filling up her car at the pump next to his. **[/FONT]
**[FONT=Times New Roman]She glanced at the ammo boxes in the back of his Jeep and said in a very seductive voice, “I’m a big believer in barter, old timer. Would you be interested in trading sex for ammo?”

The old guy thought a few seconds and asked, “What kinda ammo ya got?”:p**[/FONT]
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That is a damn fine gun:p
Not to be facetious but… Since you are approaching my “age” {in 10 to 15 years} I would recommend you look into a “laser sight”.

They are absolutely terrific and they will let you “acquire a smaller target” with incredible speed and ease. They would come in handy if you had just a “really small” target to shoot at. Such as… Just an eyeball peeking around the corner;-)
My driveway is 440 feet long and I was able to acquire a really small target at about midnight with only a partial moon.

Agree 100%…have lasers on several of my “wireless devices”. Makes things extremely fast and easy for those of us who are optically challenged. Looking at getting some green lasers down the road. I understand from some very reliable sources these work best for daylight “work”.

I’d really like to get a .50 cal (while you can still get them), but I can’t see laying out that kind of money for one. I’m thinking .50 cals are going to be the next to be banned. They’re just too pricey and the ammo is too.

I have a Sig Saur laser on the Bush-Master. It is a AR-15 with a 16 inch barrel.
It has five settings for a "red dot and 5-settings for a “Green-Dot.”:stuck_out_tongue:

My Colt AR 15 is a 16 inch barrel “Law Enforcement Edition” with fold down sites both front and rear. The thought process is that they will not “interfere” with any type of scope.
{My bushmaster has fixed iron sights and while the front sight is visible through the laser scope I find that it does not interfere with the laser scope.}

I am in 100% agreement on both counts. I would absolutely love to have the 50 caliber rifle but… I am not willing to spend approximately $10-$15,000 to buy one.

Here is my favorite target ( any resemblance to political figures is coincidental )
I made the apple on his head reactive 3/8" steel. I only use 22LR - 45ACP on this one. If you’re ever in the area, lets go shootin!

I just squirted coffee all over my keyboard!:stuck_out_tongue:

Where did you get this terrific target! I would love to shoot at it \:D/{What state you live in?}

This target is something I whipped up after too much coffee on a Saturday morning. We had a birthday party for one of the grand kids that day and I happened upon the mask at the party store. It was one of those days where everything just fell into place.

Omg :roll:.

And then there is the ammo… not cheap either.

Here is a link to a 50 caliber that is selling for a mere $35,000.00:shock:
It also includes nine cases of ammunition;-)

Depending on the brand/model, the rest of the 50 caliber rifles range from $11,999.00-$15,999.00:ack:

The ammunition is approximately $4 dollars to $4.50 per round. One guy is selling 200 rounds of ammo for $800!
I think I’ll wait “until the price comes down”:roll:

If you are looking at these .50 cals, you are charging far too much for your inspections!:wink: It appears that Nick is the one buying up all the ammo in Denver. I was up that way a couple of weeks ago for a bid opening. I had some time on my hands and went ammo shopping. Hit all the big box stores and came out empty handed. We were came in 3rd on the bid! Sure is pretty country though!

Hard for me to enjoy a day of shooting when the ammo is $4/round.