Split bolts

This split bolt says “cu”. (copper and aluminum wires connected together) Somehow this reeks of not being done by the Local Utility. I am guessing by the “shape” of the covered lugs on the hot conductors that the same type of split bolt is being used on those as well. Any opinions out there?

Sato 004.jpg

Good catch on the Non-AL, without going that far, it’s not ok.

Observation: Improperly installed.

Determination: Defer to a qualified electrician.

Home owner information:
First, the NON-AL rating of the lug.

Second, the there a dam/separator that would have kept the copper and AL from touching, but you can see it’s pushed aside(closest to picture taker) allowing for the wires to come in contact. This can create pinch points, or bottlenecks, for the electricity to flow throw, and heat up, etc, etc.



I see this also in the electrical field…you would be amazed that people just dont use split bolts right…What those linemen need is a fresher course…:slight_smile:

Paul, I’m friends with linemen(even retired ones too), they might not be able to walk around a tree without getting lost, but they know how to use crimps.

This reeks of a DIY’er. :wink:


I agree…lol…but I would be remiss if I did not tease the linemen of the world…:slight_smile: and I wish it was a crimp…makes you wonder WHY a DIYer would be up near the connection point…just gotta make ya wonder…

Hey…don’t let that remark harm the Linemen of the world…lol…us Electricians also do some strange dang stuff as well…

Oh Agreed! I went to a lineman’s BIDDING orientation course. While in the orientation, there was an communication exercise and show how to to cut a length of wire. The guy on the pole called for wire 43" long. I cut 43" long. He yelled at me, saying not 43" he wants 46", it’s too short. I asked why didn’t you ask for 46", his reply he only needed 43". Then they explained it wasn’t an exact science, then I asked why even measure than? I got dazed looks.

Service upgrade, without permits (even if one isn’t required, many utilities want job numbers issued). I’ve been seeing it more and more around here, Pa and NJ.

Don’t back track, we know what you mean, and they deserve it. :wink:


lol…not back tracking fella…I tease everyone and my brother and my wife get it the worst in my seminars…but they know I am only teasing them as lord knows I crack on myself enough…pun intended.

So, Charles, did we high-jack your thread enough? :stuck_out_tongue:


At least it isn’t the WA State Licensing thread drift:roll: :roll:
I think it was DIY-----somehow they got the meter sealed though-----no inspection sticker on meter base (less than four months old).

If you need a quick guideline for the CU/AL split bolt, it will have an interposer between the copper and aluminum side.
I may have one here if you haven’t seen one

I saw that piece in the picture, looks like a dual rated bug, but why would it have a separater yet be stamped cu?

The installer didn’t use the interposer anyway. The ones I have look similar to that but they are stamped CU/AL. They are really an aluminum alloy. That one may be some kind of tinned copper or zinc.