mystery pipe

Copper pipe with ball valve runs near washing machine lines…

Emerges from wall, runs about two feet vertically, and re-enters wall.

big condo loft conversion. it’s visible to the left of the water heater in this pic.

any idea what this could be? Seems small to be the main shutoff for the unit, but that’s my best guess.

p mystery pipe.jpg

p mystery pipe.jpg

Access piping for future water softener?

I have seen installations like this for an exterior faucet that does not have room for a non-freeze type. You turn the water off on the inside and let the faucet drain on the exterior.

Most likely.

Maybe but it looks to be only 1/2 " with 3/4’ going to the water heater. That wouldn’t make sense for a softener install. JMHO

Thanks for your thoughts, fellas. I like the hose bibb idea… there is a bibb perpendicular to this curious arrangement, just follow the wall about 20’ to the intersecting exterior wall and there it is. Distinct possibility there…

Yes, it was 1/2", so with 3/4" servicing the water heater it didn’t make sense for it to be the unit shutoff.

If it’s not the bibb than maybe it is for a possible water softener… or something else, but what?

Seems the best I can do is call it out as a question for the condo assn…