N.C. Tornadoes

They are all around us. Appreciate the prayers.

My brother is out in this stuff with my nieces and nephew. My wife and kids are in bathroom for shelter. We are okay for now. Thanks for the prayers. My youngest daughter Autumn is really scared. 3 tornadoes have touched down.

Stay Safe it is that time of the year again

Thanks, you to Wayne. Be safe.

Tornados on the ground.

Seems to be all over. Thanks for the prayers.

For sure Michael. Be safe!

Thanks Larry, you and your family be safe as well. We are all fine and everyone seems to be alright.

Born and raised in Oklahoma. I all to well know your worries. Stay safe were helmets!


I have family and friends in and around Holdenville, Oklahoma. My great grandfather built the majority of buildings in that area. Thanks for caring and you stay safe as well.