Hope everyone stayed safe in storms that hit the south

I hope everyone is safe so far , Looks like we may get our turn tonight


Today & tomorrow may be more of the same as yesterday for many areas.

Stay safe.

Scary for us to just watch the news guys. I hope all do not take the warnings lightly. My prayers to all go out to any affected by this latest hit.

Well round 2 is a coming . just rain though for this area

Our daughter lives in Chattanooga and said her house is still standing this morning. Thunderstorms forecast for today.

Yeah they had some area’s with 2.8 inch hail . Now flood watches today . Hope she stays safe

1.5 miles from my home is a war zone!! 1 lost life and numerous businesses destroyed! More on the way within hours…stay safe people!!

Devastating storms for all, hope all here remain safe and stay in touch so we know all are OK.