NACHI Beam Flashlight

I’m looking to buy three of the best flashlights (rechargable) on the market - one flashlight for each inspection of the day. I’m looking for feedback from members who have purchased and used the NACHI Beam.

Thank you for your feedback

The NACHI flashlight is basically a Streamlight. I’ve used a UltraStinger and I’m happy with it. You just have to be aware that the UltraStinger is good only for about an hour. Save it for the attic and crawlspace.

I use another Streamlight called a Polystinger which is smaller and uses LEDs. The 4 AA batteries in this flashlight will last up to 2 or 3 weeks of continuous usage.

The ultra can also charge in 15 minutes, making having two of them very handy to do three inspections in a day.

Dwight and Ben - Thanks for the input.

Dwight - which model of the polystinger do you use.

Ben - Charges in 15 minutes? Do you own the ultraStinger? If this is in fact true, I think I’ll buy two and also buy/try the polystinger Dwight uses.

I use 2 of these Streamlight flashlights. I have a home charger and car charger. The LED feature is nice if you’re under the house and it starts to die on you–you have a backup system to get out and enough light to finish the inspection. I got 2 different colors so I could keep up with which one was charged.

I chose not to get he Ultra-Stingers because of its more limited battery life.

You have to request the 15min charger, but it does charge in 15 minutes , and last about an hour. I am very pleased. Yes I own three of them. (one for the house)

I don’t believe that you can recharge a UltraStinger in 15 minutes. Probably 2 or 3 hours if it’s fully drained.

The Polystinger I use has 4 AA batteries in it and is about 6" long. The LEDs are bright enough to light up the area underneath the kitchen sink. I carry one on me and a spare in the bag. Get the fluorscent green one instead of the black one. Easier to spot when you put it down somewhere.

You know, maybe its 2 -1/2hrs, Now I am not sure.

2 1/2 hours is the “fast” charge on a depleted battery…

Great flashlight, the UltraStinger.:smiley:

the nachi ultra stinger flashlight is awsome.
I was lucky enough to win mine at the electrical course in toronto.

Thanks again for all the input!

I’ve got 2 UltraStingers with an extra battery in the bag. I also have the PolyStinger LED light. I really like the Poly LED in the crawl spaces. It is smaller, lighter and they give a white light instead of the yellow tinge that most regular bulbs give off. It helps with true colors on pictures.