Need a good price on stinger flashlights

Anyone got any good links?..I found a bunch on the net, but if someone had a place that had good service and pricing, I’m all ears.



Thats where I got mine good price great service Make sure to get the belt ring love mine .
Roy Cooke]("

30-hour life xenon-halogen gas-filled bi-pin bulb
Is this right? the bulb only lasts 30 hours?

Play the NACHI football pool. ha. ha.

Free. Was worth the playing to get this.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Not a stinger.Sorry.

Wendy, you are incorrect. is a Stinger flashlight.

Love mine never had one before .
It surprised me how many people see the NACHI name .
Buy the belt holder too you will not be sorry .
I also got a spare Bulb and lens cover .
Have not needed them yet .
Roy Cooke

I’m sorry. You misunderstood. I’m sorry for not being clear.

I had posted a link to a flashlight and then erased it because the topic of the thread was looking for a good price on Stinger flashlights, and the one I posted was not a Stinger. I didn’t want to detract from your flashlight that you were advertising. Sorry.:shock:

Made the purchase from NACHI. Looking forward to getting it!

Thanks all!

Is there an “Ultra-Stinger” available?

OR … is the one Nick linked to also an “Ultra-Stinger”?

Ultra-Stinger has 75,000 candlepower.

Nevermind. Question answered. Wound through links and got to detailed product description. It is the Ultra w/75K candlepower.

A very good product. Easy to handle, wears well, excellent illumination. Have had mine with move for past five years. Replaced halogen light once after a ‘drop’.

Slightlly disappointed so far…
Ordered it exactly a week ago on Monday. when ordering it gave three options. UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day, and USPS. There was no charges for any option…so what would you choose? I chose ups 2nd day., my second option would be ups ground.
since I didn’t receive it by Friday I sent an email,1st one got returned as spam…2nd went thru…no response.
Called today and they are just shipping out today via USPS.

I really don’t mind waiting for products as long as I know ahead of time what the shipping time will be. This was not the case with NACHI Market.
I was looking for it to arrive all last week and now I will have to wait until the end of this week…not mad, just disappointed.

The Ultra Stinger used to be my favorite until I discovered the military “Surefire.” It is is very bright, lightweight, sturdy, rechargeable, has no halo, and almost dissapears in the back pocket of Jeans. Besides, it’s military, and I regard every inspection as an incursion into hostile territory. Wish Nick/NACHI could get members a deal.

$300.00 !!:shock: :shock: :shock:

Jason, not the one I bought, which I think is called a “Commander.” And, I bought it at a gun shop and probably paid retail. Keep shopping, but it really is one of my priced possessions. With the Mag and Stinger, the rubber covering the on/off button somehow always managed to fall off when I’m least aware, and the silt in crawlspaces would clogsthe button. All in all, I’m stuck on the SureFire.

$207 with charger

8AX Commander®


View Larger Image](http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:openLarge%28%27/surefire/content/8ax_large2.jpg%27%29)

function showPic (whichpic) { if (document.getElementById(‘placeholder’)) { document.getElementById(‘placeholder’).src=whichpic; } }

Available Body Colors:

Black Hard Anod

OD Hard Anod 8AX

Rechargeable compact high-intensity incandescent flashlight for tactical, duty, and general use. Produces a smooth, brilliant, pre-focused tactical-level beam with seven times the light of a big two D-cell flashlight — bright enough to temporarily blind and disorient a person by impairing his night-adapted vision. Sold as flashlight plus one rechargeable B90 battery (8AX000) or as a complete system (8AX415) that includes two batteries, a mountable SmartCharger charging cradle, AC transformer, and DC auto adaptor. SmartCharger protects charging batteries from voltage spikes.

See Accessories Below

Flashlight Comparison Chart

8AX True Stories


  • Rugged aerospace-grade aluminum body, Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized in black or olive drab

  • O-ring sealed, weatherproof

  • Tempered Pyrex® window

  • Tailcap switch — press for momentary-on, twist for constant-on

                                        Max Output: 110 lumens
                                        Runtime: 50 minutes
                                        Length: 6.90 Inches
                                        Weight: 9.70 Ounces
                                        Battery: One B90 Ni-Cad