Cabela's 500 Lumens Flashlight

I was researching what was out there on a par with Streamlight’s Ultra Stinger (295 lumens, $130 +/-)
and saw in Cabela’s Post Falls store their brand, XPG LI, at 500 lumens, all aluminum, AC and DC chargers, lifetime replacement warranty, same price.
So, I bought it. So far, so good.
Dang, it’s really bright! Nothing can hide in at attic or crawl from it. Turned out iot’s made by Streamlight, and you can sub their 250 lumens bulb for longer battery life between charges.

Russ, You need to make a visit over to the Olympia area. New Cabela’s store that is 185,000 sq ft of guy stuff…

How long does it last on a charge?

Stephen, I don’t recall the SF on this one, but it just opened a couple months ago.

Seems like it’s a little smaller than the one in KC, though; I seem to remember 2-3 hours alone in the fishing dept there, alone . . .

Advertised at 40 mins, Bob.
No personal experience yet.
Full recharge is about 3 hrs.

I have a Brinkman rechargeable double Xenon that I’ve been happy with, but am looking to get away from its bulky pistol style.

Yup, saw that as part of my research, Brian; add $44 :frowning: for both fast chargers.

Also saw:

Yup, saw that as part of my research, Brian; add $44 :frowning: for both fast chargers.

Also saw:

I have two ultrastingers and one slow charger Russ. One is always ready to go. :D](“”)

:wink: :smiley: Gotcha, Brian!

Brian, I have the same setup. Works good!!

Im not allowed 500 feet from that store Steve! Damn Wife. :mrgreen:

I had the worst luck with any bulb type of flashlight. Always breaking the bulbs. We’ve been using a multi-led type of flashlight for a couple of years. After reading about the newer light chips we just updated to these: They are superbright led emitters. We got a pair in the mail just the other day. :smiley: Comparing it to what I was using the romisen just plain overwhelmed my other flashlight. You can find them on ebay, dealextreme, etc. They seem to be well made and with the 3-mode button, (high - 600 lmns, med - 200 lmns, and a strobe function), and fit nicely with our inspection needs.

Finished my 29 draw inspections today, about 1/2 mile from the store. Needless to say, I spent then next 2 hours shopping. At least I was smart enough to leave my wallet in the car. :shock:

My workday ended at a gun show in Sandpoint yesterday.:wink:

Coincidentally, it was at noon, when the doors opened . . .

Patrick, the one on that site appears to be built on the same frame & design as Cabela’s light.
If my bulbs go out easily, I’ll look into swapping them out for these. So far, all seems OK!