NACHI Beam flashlights are in! Ordering instructions coming soon. Hot PICs!

Alright!!! Very nice. How much?!

I’m working on pricing now.

We have a NACHI ladder and a NACHI pickup truck coming next.

Looks good…I need to order another one…I’ll wait for a little while.

You’re killing me Nick. I’ll need to rob a bank!!:cool:

They look great. Please let me know how and where to get one.
Earl Beahm, Atlanta

I’ll take five.

A NACHI truck? are u kidding me?

    I can't just letter my truck, and say I'm NACHI anymore?

(just kidding, I couldn’t resist)


.99 cents I hope

Ultra Stinger…Very nice light…

I will happily volunteer my services to field test it for you.:smiley:

They are darn nice flashlights.
I already have two of them, one for backup. I highly recommend them too…

I paid $105 delivered from several years ago. Still on the first battery after 3 years.


How about one without the chargers?

Email is not secure method to provide credit card information. Not advisable. I thought every rookie on-line vendor knew that. :wink:

That is what is stopping me, cause I have been waiting to get a new one.

Updates on odering?

I just called my info in…:smiley:

$75.99 without charger…