Would you pay $75 for an UltraStinger flashlight? Is that a good deal?


I would, but that’s just me. I would probably take 2 for that price.

Nick, I assume that’s the light only, no charger?

With both AC/DC chargers and a belt loop…I would be in line behind Ian for several. I had vowed today to buy one when my light kept flickering.


2 charges. 1 wall charger, 1 auto charger.

So $75 a piece is a good deal?

Oh Yea Nick,
That is a good price.

When can we buy them?


Yes, with all that included that is a steal. Are you getting some of these and what are you doing with them Nick?

Yes, $75 is a good price for the above and an UltraStinger flashlight.

Economy is bad and manufacturers are hard pressed to carry inventory. I went bottom fishing and took delivery of 600 of them at $75 each for us all.

Here ya go: http://www.nachi.org/stinger.htm

InterNACHI members only.

I have a stinger that has outlived two charging stations. What’s up with that? How much can you get them for?

I got them for $75 but had to buy all 600… so I did for us.


Thanks Nick.

I paid 118 for mine with chargers so that is a good deal

Hey, I offered you a charger back when…too late now, I bought another light since then…so sorry. :smiley:

OMG, that is good!

I use an UltraStinger at my cop job as well as inspecting…GREAT light, and I also paid about $120…$75, with charges, is a STEAL!!!

Just checked, they are $109 at a major police supplier…

I carried one at the fire dept they are great lights i was thinking of getting another ,i have 2 but at that price hard not too
Still hard to beat the old 6 cell mag light for protection Jeff lol