Nachi Boulder Chapter Meeting with NAHI

The Meeting was wonderful. Thanks To ALL! The way that everyone is so approachable and helpful is Beautiful!. I hope the NAHI borne Guys and Gals will know this is not unusual. That is how it is! Caring and Sharing! Good Eats!
It is so cool to get to talk to the Inspectors that have been out there working for 27 years!! Its not a class but you can learn so much from going through the house of horrors with the other guys who specialize in trades and can spot a defect a mile off. Nick is a Serial giver of tools:D Thank You!
Thank You If you haven’t been to the House of Horrors or any classes or meetings and you can I say don’t miss it, no matter where you are in this Home Inspection World.

All NAHI and ASHI inspectors are welcome to the Boulder chapter events. It was great and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun.