NACHI building pull-down back drops for members to borrow at no charge.

Looks nice Nick, Does it come with a stand also? Does this mean that NACHI is the future of the Home Inspection industry,and all others will become extinct? A.$..I, and N.A..I :wink: </IMG>

Yes, it comes with a stand that rolls the display up like a screen. We should have 25 of these made by the end of the month.

That’s awesome. Can I have one to display at the WW fair along with my Hummer? :smiley:

Nick, your sense of humor is fascinating!

Where’s the joke?

Thanks Nick for your responce. And yes Russell, Nick has that type of Marketing mind set it seems. :lol: And Wendy, you will have to forget about the Hummer, They announced tonight on the news that they will be stopping production on the Hummer shortly. Besides, you will have to get in line behind me. :twisted: Wendy, make one of R.R’s drinks and come back 20 minutes after consuming it and look at the picture again.

But I don’t driiiink whine

AHME! (Oops, I mean) AHEM!

My hummber, I mean…My Hummer.



Guess I’ll have to go look at the pic again sober. Sigh…

LOL, Wendy. Read my post first and then look at the banner, it might help. Hummer? :roll:


Thats better.:smiley:

I wasn’t joking. We will have 25 of these displays for NACHI members to use.

Here is an email I just got from Lisa who did the graphics:

Nick Gromicko
National Association of Certified Home Inspectors
*----- Original Message ----- *
*From: *Lisa Endza](
*To: *](
Sent: Friday, May 12, 2006 9:41 PM
Subject: final NACHI banner

Use this version to post on the website. The previous one I sent you
was only a preview and had some imaging issues.

Apparently our staff works Friday nights. :roll:

Yes it appears so Nick, You really crack the whip on your staff. I have even been able to contact Lisa on a Saturday. Keep up the Great Job Lisa. :smiley:

Type A personalities…we just never know when to stop eh?



Check out the HOT PICs:

Nick, Deanna look hot in these photo’s. :smiley: Oh by the way, the Banner’s looks hot to. :lol:

What does a space shuttle and dinosaurs have to do with home inspections? Is it supposed to imply how far we’ve come?, the vast difference between … something? I don’t get it.

So are we getting the dinosaur one, the “inspected once, inspected right”, and the banners? Or just the dinosaur one?

I think with the size of presentation I’m going to be doing I could definitely use all of those. :slight_smile:

Yeah Deanna you look hot! :wink:

Something to say about that Display Model-
Yes, make sure you ship me the “D” or “L” self-extracting display for the 18th, please . . .