Nachi Canada

NACHI conference. I am surprised how many Canadains have come to the NACHI Florida Conference.
It is obvious that we all are so eager to get the information that is here for all to learn.
I highly recommend the Log House course put on by Kelly Brownell.
Four hours and I did not want to leave.
This man has so much knowledge to give.
He is going to put on a longer course in Canada and if you can take it You will learn more much.
It’s Two A.M in the morning and I am so wound up I can not sleep.
So many good courses ( So little cost ) Four days and I can not take them all.
This place is huge, Conference rooms are great lots of room Internet hook up for your computers.
Free web site set up for all those who attend.
BIG Exhibit Hall for the many vendors.
THREE great Halls East,Centre,and West, for non stop speakers.
My recommendation Think about next year and bring you wife ( most did ) Cost was only $50:00
I expect the next three days will have some great surprises will try and keep all posted .
Roy sr.

Thanks Roy, glad you enjoyed it!!

Hi Roy,
We met during one of the classes. I would also like to say how much I enjoyed the confrence. The speakers were exelent and so was the course material. Coming from Vancover Island I had high expectations of the confrence and was not let down. Aimee and the crew should be congratulated for a job well done. It was nice to meet Nick as well as everyone else. I can gurantee you that you will see me there next year. Everyone was so friendly.:slight_smile: :smiley:

Good to hear from you I to was pleased to see how our sourthern friends where .
NACHI again proves how good it is and How great the Members are .
I have attended other Home Inspectors Education events and None compare to this .
My thanks to all who worked so hard to put this on .
Considering this was only the second time it has been done they did a great job .
I was pleased. Roy Cooke sr A Happy NACHI Member

There were a lot of Canadians there.

It was my first meeting, and I felt at home there, I would gladly go to others. I felt at home and the NACHI inspectors were there to learn, not bash other organizations.
When your the best, who cares about all the rest.

Let’s bring that conference to the west, Sask,or Alb. There are a lot of great Canadians out here too.