Toronto NACHI Convention](
Welcome to the Home Inspection Event of the Millenium!

I believe this is just Primary subject to additions and changes. Roy Sr*

Welcome to NACHI’s 2007 Convention in Toronto!
Over 2,500 inspectors, 92 exhibitors, 40 speakers, education galore, free nachos, one heck of a good time!

Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18, 2007
Cutting edge continuing education. Spectacular speakers. 92 industry exhibitors.
Spouses get a V.I.P. pass and access to everything including education for only $50.
Children under 18 are free and are welcome to join us.

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r it says I am reg. for the 2006 Conv. in Florida??

Chuck as it said in the post above
( *I believe this is just Primary subject to additions and changes. ) *

  • This is just to give ideas untill the final draft is put together . many things happening at a fast speed stay tuned more info to follow . Roy sr *


Why are we advertising this just in the Canadian Section. Is this for Canadians only?

Roy, it says that if we want to beat the increase to sign up before July 1 /06. But we are signing up for the 2006 conv. ???If this is not a test run for the 2007 conv. then what?

John I guess you missed this .
I found this and cut and pasted it to one place.
It is still from what I can see very close to beeing ready for full anouncement .
I am sure when it is all pulled together it will be every where.

Roy Cooke sr

Added more Info Roy sr More to come

I am still working on the back end of the site. I still need to put up the link for the hotel so everybody can book online from the convention site. I have some different speakers and some different vendors to put on also. The prices for the hotel will be on the site next week. We are really having NACHOS, free internet, food where the vendors are set up, and much more.

It is in the making, hang in there guys/gals.

I apologize for the delay. I want this convention to be perfect and that includes the announcement of it. With a year to put this together it will be close to flawless. NACHI has another great convention in the making.

Deanna - thank you for the wonderful job - all of us appreciate your hard work and all that you do on our behalf - keep up the great work!

Thank you Tom but I can not take all the credit. There has been a lot of team work involved in puting this together.

I would like to Thank:

Tyrone Wheeler
Roy Cooke and wife Shar
Raymond Wand
Larry Ewens
James Walker
Roy Richards

Please keep in mind that the Florida convention was held on a Disney property. Everyone knows that Disney costs four times as much as anywhere else. Hopefully if it ever comes back to Florida the powers that be will select a more affordable venue for the event.

Good luck with your event. It sounds like all of you will have a wonderful non-expensive event.